Bloggerhood Etc. 5/19/14

Apraxia Awareness Day

Last Wednesday, May 14th, was Apraxia Awareness Day and a lot of apraxia parents shared their stories on the blogosphere. I share a story of my own along with several others here today in a special Apraxia Awareness edition of Bloggerhood Etc.

The Lemonade Stand” by David Ozab.

One Girl’s Journey with Apraxia” by Mary at The iMums.

Every Child Deserves a Voice” by Karleigh at Living, Loving, Creating.

What is Apraxia and Why Should You Care?” by Lea Ciceraro at Life, Love, and My Lens.

Apraxia Awareness Day” by Kelly Bawden at The Hello Online Blog.

Coffee and a Conversation” by Kim Bond Thompson at Craft, Create, Connect.

Apraxia Awareness Day” by Katherine Sanford.

My Daughter’s Story” by Annette at This Simple Home.

Apraxia Awareness Day 2014” by Tori at Jake’s Journey to be a Little Man.

Be Careful What You Ask For …” by Frederic Gray.

Apraxia is Elusive, Even to Professionals” by Laura Smith at SLP Mommy of Apraxia.

2014 Apraxia Awareness Day Video Contest” (playlist), winning entries by Emily Purdy, Jennifer Helm, and The Miesners on the Apraxia-KIDS YouTube Channel.

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