It’s Your Turn

Do a good turn daily.

The slogan of all scouts, both girl and boy, is the same—”do a good turn daily.” It’s a good slogan to live by.

How often do any of us follow that advice? When we have an opportunity to “do a good turn” do we take it? Do we even notice. or are we too caught up in our own problems to see anyone else’s?

And it’s so simple. It’s something each of us can do in a moment and it might just make a difference.

See a piece of trash left on the ground? Pick it up.

See a shopping cart in the parking lot? Take it back into the store.

See someone struggling with grocery bags and a door? Hold the door open.

These are the kind of things I try to notice every day when I’m out and I try to remember to do them. Just three examples, but there are many more. And I’m not going to say that by doing these things we’ll solve all the world’s problems. But we might make someone else’s day a bit better. And they might do the same for someone else.

Call it a random act of kindness, or loving your neighbor as yourself.

But either way, it’s your turn to do a good turn today.


Every Day is a Dare

Caution: I'm sleeping

Image: Liquid 2003 (CC BY-SA 3.0)

When I wake up most mornings my first instinct is to go back to sleep. My bed is comfortable, my sheets and blanket are warm, and starting this week the rain is hitting the roof incessantly. Nothing makes me sleepy faster than the sound of rain.

I roll over. I want to go back to sleep. I want to stay warm and safe and cozy. I don’t want to get up, to go outside, to face a day I don’t know.

A day that is a dare.

It could be a good day or a bad one. I could win the lottery (highly unlikely) or get struck by lightning (almost as unlikely). I don’t know what’s going to happen. The only thing I know is that if I lie here and go back to sleep nothing will happen.

I have to dare to get up. To face what the day will bring. To live with all the joys and sorrows and risks that life entails. Never knowing if the next time I walk out the door will be the last time, or the 20,000th to last time.

But to stay here is to sleep. And that’s not living. I’d rather take the chance. I’d rather take the dare

Plus my daughter is standing next to my bed, and she won’t stop nagging me until I get up.

“Dad? Wake up Dad!”