A Stunning Hippo Habitat

Shoebox hippo habitat

Anna’s Hippo Habitat.

In addition to the Oregon Trail Badge, Anna is working on the GSOSW Zoological Badge. Her first project—study an animal’s habitat and build a scale model in a shoe box. Inspired by the two hippos at the Wildlife Safari, Anna chose to build a hippo habitat.

Our three steps in Anna’s own words.

First, we looked up hippo habitats. Next, we made the plans. Last, we made the hippo habitat.

We had a pretty good idea what we wanted to build from the hippo pen at the Safari, but we did some research online in case we missed something. Then Anna drew a picture of her habitat—a nice deep pond for the hippos to wade in, lots of grass to eat, and trees for shade and an occasional dessert of dropped fruit.

After that, she built the habitat. She used blue construction paper for the pond and green felt for the grass. She borrowed the palm trees and rocks from her dinosaur set, and the toy hippos from her grandma.

Stunned by hippos

Even Anna is stunned by this magnificent habitat!

Coming tomorrow, Part Two: Researching animal diets.

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