Bloggerhood Etc. 7/1/13

Claire Simpson

Photo: Bradford Telegraph and Argus

Here are my seven favorite posts from the last week of June, along with my usual bonus video at the end.

Most Inspiring. “Guiseley woman completes 1,000-mile challenge for Smile Train charity” by Chris Tate in the Bradford Telegraph and Argus (UK). By running at least a mile a day, plus a marathon, half marathon, and ten 10k race, Claire Simpson exceeded her goal of a 1,000 miles, raising £3,100 for children born with clefts. Wow!

Most Moving. “Death’s Waiting Room” by Natalie Trust. I’m not sure why she is grieving (she doesn’t say), but I grieve with her and I pray with her.

Best Mom Post. “The Guilt of the Working Mother,” a guest post by “Isobel’s Mom, Bridget” on Momsicle. Living in Ireland, Bridget had the opportunity to take a full year maternity leave from her job in the semiconductor industry. Now she has to go back to work. Heart wrenching.

Best Dad Post. “Babies and Baseball” by Jason Duncan on NYC Dads Group. Okay, she’s really a toddler, and she had a great time.

Favorite Post that Taught Me Something I Didn’t Know. “Auf Wiedersehen to a Dialect”  by Katy Vine in Texas Monthly. Did you know there was a German immigrant community in Texas that has been speaking its own unique dialect, called Texas German, since the 1830s? Me neither. Fascinating story.

Post I Want to Read to My Daughter Today. “A Second Grade Intro to Fiction Writing” by Leslie Lindsay on Live, Write, Love: The Art and Craft of Writing. Actually, it’s a good review for writers of all ages.

Post I Want My Daughter to Read Herself in a Few Years. “Modesty: I Don’t Think it Means What You Think it Means” by Rachel Held Evans on Q Ideas for the Common Good. An extraordinary post on the difference between humility and humiliation, and a must-read for both women and men.

And in honor of Thursday’s holiday . . .

Best Video. “Honest Trailers – Independence Day” by Screen Junkies on A great reminder of why I hated this movie so much.

That’s two-and-a-half hours of my life that I will never get back!

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