Living in the “In Between”

We are in an in-between time.

It’s summer. Anna is between grades. She is also between schools, which wasn’t something we planned—we hoped to give her some of the stability I lacked in bouncing from school to school—but we felt like we had no choice.

I’m between books. Deciding the next one to read—which will take a day or two—and the next one to write—which may take a little longer.

Julia’s in a in-between place at work too. She’s taking on new responsibilities while still handling old ones. At some point, we hope these new responsibilities will evolve into a new and better paying position. But for now she’s in between too.

Everyone in some way is in between. In between past and future. In between an old life and a new life. In between the mistakes we learn from and the plans we make  to do better next time.

It’s easy to look back with nostalgia or regret, or ahead with anxiety or excitement. It’s tempting to dwell in the past or daydream about the future.

It’s harder to live in the present. To be present to the in between.

But that’s where we are and it’s the only place where our choices and our actions matter.



Living in the “In Between.”

Five Minute Friday

4 thoughts on “Living in the “In Between”

  1. Dear David
    You are right, dear friend; living in the present is not easy and takes a lot of mental practice! When I was diagnosed with Fm/ CFS I quickly had to learn to do just that. I couldn’t afford to imagine a future with never-ending pain. But it becomes easier the more we take our thoughts captive and make them obedient to Jesus!


  2. David, (found you right after my link on FMF)
    How true — living in this moment is not easy. Our minds tend to jump forward or backward but the “now” can be too boring or nerve-wracking or whatever descriptor we feel.

    And Mia — you remind me that any chronic disease or condition requires me to take advantage of the “now”. I have some allergies and colon problems and I tend to just vegetate. And primarily give thanks that I retired from teaching 2 years ago.


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