What Took so Long?

Eugene Public Library

Yesterday, I got a library card.


So what took so long? Well, when I first moved to Eugene (in 1995) I attended the University of Oregon and had access to a world-class academic library. I had no need for a public library, so I never bothered to get a card. I never even set foot in the old downtown library.

After I graduated, I signed up for a Barnes and Noble membership and they started sending me discount coupons. We had more disposable income at the time (this was in the middle of the last decade, before the economy tanked) and I loved browsing through bookstores, so I bought all my books. Once Anna was old enough I started taking her to the library for storytime, but we still didn’t get a library card. We had tons of kids books at home as well.

Then came 2009 and suddenly we had to get by on a lot less money. This was when I first thought about getting a library card, but I kept putting it off. Meanwhile, I discovered the book section at St. Vincent de Paul. I remember the day I passed on buying a book at B&N (I wanted it, I just didn’t want to pay full price) then, later that day, found the same book for $1.50 at St. Vinnie’s. I was sold.

The only drawback? I couldn’t always find the book I wanted. Until this week, that wasn’t a problem. I’ve got a backlog of books to get through, so I keep a “wish list” handy and look each time I’m at St. Vinnie’s. Then I needed a book right away. What was my best shot? The library.

So yesterday I broke down and got a library card. I found the book I needed in about five minutes and I’ve already started reading it.

What took me so long? Just making excuses until I couldn’t anymore. But isn’t that the way it always goes?


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