Broom, sponge, and towel

Photo: Chuck Marean (Wikimedia Commons)

In an effort to distinguish between my two sites, I have moved the links to the following blogs to

It’s only a handful of pages specifically related to writing, but in moving them over I can make more room here for additional Dad blogs while adding more writing blogs to my Blogroll at

I have also reorganized my blogs on this site into two categories: Dad Blogs and Etc Blogs. I planned to mirror the name of the site by naming the categories “Fatherhood” and “Etc.” but thanks to a little thing called the alphabet I’d need to rename this site “Etc. Fatherhood” to keep the order consistent.

I thought briefly about naming the categories “Parenting” and “Life” to mirror my blog’s description. This would also allow me to include Mom blogs in the Parenting Category. But once again the alphabet conspired to thwart me.

Lousy Phoenicians!

(Photo licensed under Creative Commons Attribution—Share Alike 3.0)


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