Willing to Let Go

Anna walks through the grass at Hendricks Park in May 2009

Even when she was little, she wanted to go off on her own.

I dropped Anna off at school this morning, just like I do every morning, but today I had a hard time saying goodbye. I’m going to a conference this weekend, and I won’t see her again until Sunday afternoon. I’ll call her tonight before her bedtime and tomorrow as well, but it won’t be the same. I won’t get to hug or kiss her goodnight.

Knowing that, I was hard to end the hug this morning. Hard to let go. But I had to, and I have to be willing to let go again.

She wants to ride the bus in the fall. We’ve told her she’ll be old enough and as long as she shows she’s responsible enough to handle it, we’ll let her. But it’s going to be hard that first day in September, when she gets on that school bus and someone I don’t know drives her to school.

I have to be willing to let go.

And as she grows older, she’ll want to go out with her friends without me or Julia hovering in the background. When she’s old enough, she’ll want to learn to drive, she’ll want to go out on dates, and she’ll want to move to Corvallis and go to college.

I have to be willing to let go.

It won’t be easy. It will probably be the hardest thing I ever do as a parent.

But I have to be willing to let go.

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4 thoughts on “Willing to Let Go

  1. adelightfulglow says:

    I so agree! I think letting go is one of the very hard things about parenting, yet in a sense we are raising our children for that moment. To be grounded in God and to step out on their own.

    I titled my Five-Minute Post, Willing to Let Go, also, yet a whole different subject! Love the diversity of Five Minute Friday!


  2. Robert Martin says:

    So…. why in my brain am I hearing “Let it go… let it go!.. the cold never bothered me anyway”…



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