Bloggerhood Etc 2/3/14

Super Bowl Champions!

Photo: Mike Siegel/Seattle Times

Congratulations to the Seattle Seahawks. My daughter’s favorite NFL team are World Champions! Now on to a post-Super-Bowl best (and worst) of the week.

Biggest Blowout.Breaking Madden: The Super Bowl in which the machine bleeds to death” by Jon Bois at SB Nation.

For this, the season finale of Breaking Madden, there will be bitter cold and heavy snowfall. There will also be, Lord willing, the most one-sided result in the history of sports. In the greatest American football rout of historical record, Georgia Tech beat Cumberland College, 222-0. I want to multiply that. I want a thousand points in one game.

This is how we’re going to try.

The Match Up?

Breaking Madden

Image: Jon Bois/SB Nation

The result?


Image: Broken Madden

“…the machine bled to death.”

And you thought yesterday’s game was bad. Now on to some good stuff …

Best Story.Of Clouds, Quiet Tears, and Sunrise” by Ashley Larkin at Draw Near.

Best Article.Rise of the Lean Artist—the Birth of Musician 2.0” by Michael Cheng at Medium.

Best List.The 23 People You Meet at Every Super Bowl Party” by Spencer Hall at SB Nation.

Best Cause.Saint G.K. Chesterton” by Dale Ahlquist at Catholic Exchange.

Best Parenting Post.Having a Son Has Ruined Football for Me” by Scott Benner at Huff Post Parents.

Best Question.Who is My Digital Neighbor?” by Stephen Okey at Millennial.

Best Poem.Final Request” by John at The Beautiful Due.

Best Video.Johnny T’s Guide to Attending the Super Bowl” by Glove and Boots (via YouTube).

“So you see a Jets fan, you be nice! You say ‘I’m sorry … that you’re a Jets fan.'”

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