Bloggerhood Etc. 11/3/14

Fighting siblings.

Photo: Shutterstock

Best Parenting Post.10 Parenting Moves That Aren’t As Smart As They Seem” by Deanna King at Scary Mommy.

Bravest Post.This is a Story About Mental Illness” by Elizabeth Esther.

Best Profile.Rocket Man” by Patrick Radden Keefe at The New Yorker.

Best Commentary.The Right’s Sham Christianity: How an Attack on John Kasich Exposes the Fraud” by Elizabeth Stoker Bruenig at

Best Pregnancy Post.Can Fetal Movements Predict a Baby’s Sex or Temperament?” by Alice Callahan at Science of Mom.

Best Article.The Book in Every Iranian Home” by Diana Darke at BBC News Magazine.

Best Dad Post.Anna, You’re a Frozen Princess I Need to Apologize To” by Mike Reynolds at Puzzling Posts.

Worst Pastors.Mars Hill Church leadership – Giving Members the Finger to the Very End” by Robthain Smith at Musings From Under the Bus.

Best Special Needs Post.Uncertainty in a Special Needs Life: Surviving its Ups and Downs” by Kelli Ra Anderson at Not Alone.

Best Update.Phase 2 of the Pope Francis era: The Honeymoon is Over” by John L. Allen Jr. at Crux.

Best Essay.No Guarantee of Safety: Inside the Belgrade Derby” by Kirsten Schlewitz at SB Nation.

Best Halloween Video.The Headless Horseman Blog” by Glove and Boots (via YouTube).

You may ask yourself “How did I get here?”

Bloggerhood Etc. 5/5/2014

The Hagia Sophia

Image: Dylan Lathrop/SB Nation

Happy Cinco de Mayo! What does a beautiful artistic rendition of the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul have to do with a popular Mexican holiday? Absolutely nothing! Here’s the best of the week.

Best Essay.The Istanbul Derby” by Spencer Hall at SB Nation.

Best Satire.What I Wish Women Knew About Men” by Micah J. Murray at the Redemption Pictures blog.

Best Parody.If Coaches Coached Their Teams the Way We Do Church” by Tyler Franke at Venn Magazine.

Most Honest.Open Letter to the Child I Hit at the Park” by Bunmi Latidan at Honest Toddler.

Best Advice.The Golden Hour” by Johanna Harness.

Best Commentary.Donald Sterling: Facade, Fiction, and Forgiveness” by Lisa Sharon Harper at Huff Post Religion.

Best Question.God Has a Body” by Emily Maynard at A Deeper Story.

Best Special Needs Post.How to Make Others Understand” by Jared Buckley at Not Alone.

Best Guest Post.(De)tales: the Bra Thief” by Natalie Trust, posting at Cara Strickland’s blog Little Did She Know.

Best Dad Post.The Tears of Saint Joseph” by Bill Peebles at ihopeiwinatoaster.

Funniest.Recipes for Gourmet Ingredients, Written by 20-Year-Olds” by Jon Bois at SB Nation.

Best Facebook Status.You Won’t Believe What My 14 Year Old Posted on Facebook” by Carl Wilke at Big Cheese Dad.

Best Photoblog.The Force is Strong With These 35 ‘Star Wars’ Fan Families” by Mandy Velez at Huff Post Parents.

Best Video.Honest Trailers: The Spider-Man Trilogy” by Screen Junkies (via YouTube).

Bloggerhood Etc. 3/31/14

Anna, Julia, and I

A Spring Break selfie

Spring vacation is over and I’m catching up with the Internet. Here’s the best of what I missed when I was away, starting with a small indulgence …

Best Self-Promotion.Beautiful Whispers” by David Ozab at Why I’m Catholic.

And now on to the other posts …

Best Parenting Post (and Best Satire).New Parenting Study Released” by Sarah Miller at The New Yorker.

Best Special Needs Post.Just Enough Hope” by Jolene Philo at Not Alone.

Best Question.Is Mars Hill Church a Cult?” by Elizabeth Esther.

Best Letter-to-the-Editor.Awareness Needed for Childhood Apraxia” by Jennifer Warnock in the Newark Advocate.

Most Hopeful.Hey Jesus, it’s Me. Your People Make Me Sad” by Natalie Trust.

Best At-Home Parent Post.5 Ways for Stay-at-Home Parents to Get Back on the Career Track” by Carlotta Zimmerman at Huff Post Parents.

Scariest Post.Why I am Not the Antichrist” by Boze Herrington at The Talking Llama.

Best Reading List.6 New Memoirs About Sorting Through Your Faith” by Addie Zierman at How to Talk Evangelical.

Best Rant.I’m Done—A Short Rant” by Robert Martin at Abnormal Anabaptist.

Best Essay (and Best Title).Burn, Destroy, Wreck, Kill: Soccer’s Pig War Produces Spies and Battle Cries in the Pacific Northwest” by Matt Negrin at SB Nation.

Best Playlist. “Action Movie Kid” (via YouTube).