Ready or Not

Anna and red boards

Photo: Julia Ozab

It’s the first day of third grade. She’s ready … I’m not.

It’s her first ride to school on the bus. She’s ready … I’m not.

It’s Monday through Friday out of the house after three months of summer. She’s ready … I’m not.

She talks about what she wants to be when she grows up. She talks about going to college and getting a job. She’s only eight and she’s in a hurry to grow up.

She’s already eight and she’s growing up too fast!

She asks when she can have …

  1. an email account,
  2. a Facebook account,
  3. a driver’s license,
  4. and a credit card.

I tell her …

  1. when she’s nine (and takes the Girl Scout Internet Safety pledge),
  2. when she’s fourteen (and shows she’s mature enough to handle it),
  3. when she’s sixteen (and takes Driver’s Ed),
  4. and when she’s eighteen (and shows she’s responsible with money).

Eighteen? That’s less than ten years!

In ten years, she’ll be an adult. In ten years, she’ll be going to college. It’s too soon for me, and it’s not soon enough for her.

But as much as she wants to hurry up and as much as I want to slow down, we’re both traveling into the future at a constant speed of sixty minutes per hour, and twenty-four hours per day.

The time is coming and it will soon be here.

Ready or not.


Making New Friends

Anna and her new friend

Waiting for the bus with a new friend.

Anna has been ready to go back to school since her last Girl Scout camp ended on August 15th. It’s been a long two-and-a-half weeks, but the time has finally arrived and she has started third grade!

Tuesday morning, we visited her new classroom and met her new teacher during the Meet and Greet. She found her desk, and was glad to see that she was sitting next to a friend from her second grade class. He also sat next to her last year, so seeing the familiar name next to hers helped calm down her jitters.

Then she met a new friend, a girl who was new to Anna’s elementary school this year. We told her that Anna had been in the same situation last year. They started chatting, and before long Anna started introducing her to the other kids she knew as she came in. It was such a thoughtful gesture.

On the way home she said how nice it would be if her new friend rode the bus with her this year. This is Anna’s first year riding the bus to school (long story) and as much as she was looking forward to it, I think she was a bit apprehensive as well.

I told her it was possible, but not to be disappointed. We had no idea where her new friend lives.

So yesterday morning, Julia and I walked Anna to meet the bus. And who did we see walking up the street as we reached the corner? Her new friend, together with her mom and older sister. Anna was so excited to see her and they chatted away until the bus came. Then they sat together and rode to school.

Anna had a great first day. She likes her new teacher and her classroom. She saw her best friend at recess, along with some other friends who are in different classes this year.

And she made a new friend who lives right around the corner from us. A friend she gets to ride the bus with, and see in class. A friend that’s only a short walk away.

That’s a great start to a new school year!