NFL Playoff Predictions


Met Life Stadium, site of SuperBowl XLVIII (Photo: Gabriel Argudo Jr. (CC BY-SA 2.0))

The regular season is over and it’s time for the NFL’s second season: the playoffs.

In the AFC, I am tempted to pick the Chargers to go all the way. Like the Ravens in 2012, Giants in 2011, and Packers in 2012, the Chargers played the Eagles in Philly’s home opener and lost to the Redskins. It seems like fate. But my gut still tells me that this is Denver’s year.

Wildcard games
Chargers (6) at Bengals (3): Chargers
Chiefs (5) at Colts (4): Colts

Divisional games
Colts (4) at Patriots (2): Colts
Chargers (6) at Broncos (1): Broncos

AFC Championship
Colts (4) at Broncos (1): Broncos

In the NFC, home-field advantage for Seattle isn’t quite as lock-solid as it seemed before their home loss to Arizona in Week 16. But I don’t see them losing another home game in the playoffs. Their first game against San Francisco will be a close one, but I think they’ll pull it out and then roll from there.

Wildcard games
Saints (6) at Eagles (3): Eagles
49ers (5) at Packers (4): 49ers

Divisional games
Eagles (3) at Panthers (2): Panthers
49ers (5) at Seahawks (1): Seahawks

NFC Championship
Panthers (2) at Seahawks (1): Seahawks

Which brings us to Super Bowl XLVIII at Met Life Stadium in New Jersey.

(New … Fricking … Jersey?! I can’t get past this.)

With a rare match-up of number-one playoff seeds.

The Seattle Seahawks vs. The Denver Broncos.

And the winner is.

Peyton Manning gets his long awaited second Super Bowl ring and goes out on top.

That’s my prediction. And since I’m always wrong, I expect the Chargers to go all the way.

San Diego SOOP-er Chargers!!!