Bloggerhood Etc. 10/6/14


Photo: Chris Bernholdt

Best Rant. “Stop Taking the Play Out of Playgrounds” by Chris Bernholdt at DadNCharge.

Best Book.One of the Coolest Books of Maps That Your Kid Will Ever See” by Tom B. at Building a Library.

Best Birthday Cake.Baking Dad: Space Shuttle Birthday Cake” by Chris Routly at Daddy Doctrines.

Best Commentary.Neoliberalism Has Brought Out the Worst in Us” by Paul Verhaeghe at The Guardian. (NOTE: What Europeans call “neoliberalism”—i.e. extreme economic liberalism—is known as libertarianism in the U.S.)

Best Role Model.Heisman in Pieces, but Marcus Mariota Remains Whole” by John Canzano at Oregon Live.

Best List.10 Movies That Were More Biblical Than Left Behind” by Benjamin J Corey at Formerly Fundie.

Best Reflection.Martha, Misunderstood” by Cara Strickland at The Junia Project.

Best Book Review.The Closed Mind of Richard Dawkins” by John Gray at New Republic.

Best Relationship Advice. “The Secret to a Conflict-Free Relationship (Just Kidding, I Don’t Believe in Those)” by Natalie Trust.

Best Parenting Post.Kids and Electronics” Bring Back Boredom” by Cornelia Becker Seigneur.

Most Disgusting.Types of Boogers: A Cartoonized Guide” by Andy Herald at How to Be a Dad.

Best Question.Will D.C. Residents Do What Red Mesa Residents Did and Save Their High School Indian Nickname?” by Anthony Brown at Redskins’ Hog Heaven.

Best Dad Post.Suffering Children” by Brian Doyle in America.

Best Call to Action. Social Justice for Single People” by Christena Cleveland.

Most Thought Provoking.Why You Need More Muslim Friends” by John Huckins in Relevant.

Best Video.She Moved Through the Fair” by Peter Hollens (via YouTube).

His debut album from Sony Masterworks comes out October 27th and is available for pre-order (more details at the end of the video).

Bloggerhood Etc. 6/9/14


Photo: Reuters

Last week marked the 70th Anniversary of D Day. This means that the Second World War is as distant an event to my daughter as the Civil War was to my parents. That’s kind of mind-blowing, isn’t it?

On to the best of the week …

Best Photoblog.D-Day Landing Sites Then and Now” by Charlotte Meridith and Elliot Wagland at Huff Post UK.

Best Dad Post.That Telling Moment” by Bill Peebles at ihopeiwinatoaster.

Best Hack.LEGO Figures Make Perfect Cable Holders” by Melanie Pinola at Lifehacker.

Most Truthful.If Strangers Talked to Everybody Like They Talked to Writers” by Lincoln Michel at Electric Lit.

Most Inspiring.Every Brave Breath” by Randi Bjornstad in The Eugene Register Guard.

Most Thought Provoking.What Both Sides Completely Miss in the Abortion Discussion” by Benjamin L. Corey at Formerly Fundie.

Best Dystopia.All is Lost: In the Season Finale of of NBA Y2K We Bear Witness to the Slow, Miserable Death of Basketball” by Jon Bois at SB Nation.

Best Special Needs Post.Special Needs School of Life—Just Keep Going” by Gillian Marchenko at Not Alone.

Best Parenting Post.30 Things I’ve Learned in 18 Years of Parenting Boys” by Alexandra Rosas at Scary Mommy.

Best Poem. Dolorosa” by Boze Herrington at Sketches by Boze.

Most Heartbreaking.Empty” by Alise Chaffins at Knitting Soul.

Most Informative.Your Family Tree Explained” by CGP Grey (via You Tube).

Which makes everybody my cousin? That was easy!

Bloggerhood Etc. 2/24/14

Toddler on the beach

Photo: Mike Baird/Flickr

From parenting to the Olympics, and from lots of great writing to a really trippy video, here’s the best of the week from around the blogosphere.

Best Parenting Post.Why Parenting Has Gotten More Difficult” by Anna Sutherland at Family Studies.

Best Commentary.Why Middle-School Girls Sometimes Talk Like Babies” by Jessica Lahey at The Atlantic.

Best Special Needs Post.Diversity in Language” by Robert Rummel-Hudson at Support for Special Needs.

Must Read.A Mom and a Dairyman Plead: Don’t Feed Children Raw Milk” by Cookson Beecher at Food Safety News.

Best (and Funniest) Olympics Post.Cross-Country Skiing, or Why You’ll Never Be a Secret Scandinavian” by Spencer Hall at SB Nation.

Best Reply.A Reply to Reno” by Michael Sean Winters at National Catholic Reporter. (In response to R.R. Reno’s Our Secular Future at America.)

Most Heartbreaking.Broken Stride” by Luke Cyphers at SB Nation.

Best Advice.Feed Yourself First” by Elizabeth Esther.

Most Honest.I Don’t Want to Stand on Your Shoulders” by Natalie Trust.

Best Video.Pharrell Mashup (Happy Get Lucky)” by Pomplamoose (via YouTube).

Kind of freaky in parts, but really amazing.

Bloggerhood Etc. 9/2/13

Redskins players dressed as the Jamaican Bobsled Team

Photo: Washington Post (via @JLeRibeus)

Best Photos. “RGIII, Redskins players in costume for ‘Island’ theme party” by Sarah Kogod in The Washington Post’s DC Sports Bog. I gave Kogod a hard time last week for a second-hand gossip piece on RGIII. She partially redeems herself by sharing great photos like the one above. No, it’s not journalism either, but at least it’s harmless fun.

Best Parenting Advice. “Teaching Kids Right From Wrong” by Dennis A. Daniel in MAN UP! A Practical Guide to Being a Dad. Maybe the most important responsibility for all parents.

Best Take on a Media Train Wreck. “Let’s not let Robin Thicke off the Hook” by Jim Higley at CNN Parents. One dad to another, summarized. “What the hell were you thinking?”

Most Touching. “School Love” by Tori at Jake’s Journey to be a Little Man. The first day of school is scary, especially for special-needs parents.

Biggest Oops. “Obama Should be Courting Congress, not U.N.” by Jonah Goldberg (his nationally syndicated column printed September 1 in the Eugene Register Guard).

(T)here is a deliberative body that has significant moral, political and legal authority when it comes to the conduct of American foreign policy. It’s called “Congress.” You could look it up.

But the president asked Congress for authorization. On August 31. You can look it up.

Most Moving. “With Parade, Newtown Reflects ‘How We’re Healing'” by Christopher Sullivan at The Associated Press (syndicated nationally). A powerful profile of a community working through unimaginable grief.

Best Schadenfreude Moment. “The Dallas Cowboys are Trying to Kill Me” by Andrew Sharp at Grantland. The grief of being a bandwagon fan when the bandwagon broke down a decade ago. Ah, sweet music!

And finally, since today is Labor Day and many kids will be returning to school tomorrow, here is the Best Back-to-School Video Ever.

“Sit up straight and pay attention! And do push ups!”

Bloggerhood Etc. 8/19/13

Netflix search results

Image: Jennifer Fulwiler

This week’s best of the blogosphere, in no particular order.

Best Open Letter. “Netflix giveth, Netflix taketh away” by Jennifer Fulwiler at Conversion Diary. A desperate mother, a screaming two year old, and a futile search for an animated sheep.

Best Advice. “‘Persecuted’ British Christians need to ‘grow up’, says former Archbishop Rowan Williams” by Hannah Furness in The Telegraph. Mild discomfort does not equal martyrdom. Now quit whining!

Best Satire. “Group Of Friends Engage In Passionate, Incoherent Discussion About Current Events” in The Onion. This conversation is happening somewhere right now.

Best Question. “If McDonald’s Can’t See How To Live on Minimum Wage, Who Can?” by Molly Fleming-Pierre in the USCCB Blog. Conservative Catholics may dismiss a post written by a lay person, but the demand for a just wage is an essential aspect of Catholic Social Teaching.

Best Reminder. “You don’t hate me. You hate my brand” by Rachel Held Evans. We are more than our online personae.

Best Sports Essay. Gridiron Olympians” by Kevin Fixler at SB Nation. Why do a few Olympians succeed in the NFL while so many more fail? Fixler examines this question in his excellent profile of Bills receiver Marquise Goodwin.

Best List (Tie). “10 Reasons why Johnny Depp Should Not Retire” and “10 Reasons why Johnny Depp Should Retire” by Glove and Boots (via YouTube).

“What? He’s retiring or something?”