We’re All Writers

Writing at a cluttered desk

Painting of Russian writer Evgeny Chirikov by Ivan Kulikov, 1904.

I’m part of several different writing communities. Two of them in particular intersect here today.

The Five Minute Friday community is a group of a few hundred writers—from published authors to occasional bloggers and everyone in between—who “write for five minutes flat” every Friday on the same prompt. Started by author Lisa-Jo Baker almost four years ago, this group is almost entirely made up of women. I’ve seen other men participate from time to time, but I think I’m the only one who posts regularly. The only rule? Visit the blogger who posted before you and comment on her (on in my case, his) post.

The Fatherhood For Fridays community is brand new. Beau, the “Lunchbox Dad”—of the blog Lunchbox Dad—started it last month. he asked his Dad blogger friends to link a post on the first Friday of each month. Could be old, or new. He asked each of us to share the link-up on Facebook and Twitter “so more people can be inspired by what is posted here,” and to connect with at least one other dad.

Two very different communities. But we’re all writers. We are linked by our common humanity, and inspired to share our own experiences through words. It reminds me of the toast in the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

“So, there you go!”

Five Minute Friday

And on the first Friday of each month …

Fatherhood for Fridays