Bloggerhood Etc. 3/2/15

Oren with his wife and kids.

Photo from A Blogger and a Father

This is a hard place to start, but the only place I can start. The Dad Bloggers community lost a friend and colleague on Saturday when Oren Miller passed away after a ten-month fight against cancer. I didn’t know Oren beyond the words in his blog and on the Dad Bloggers Facebook page, so I’m not one to write a tribute. I’ll leave that to his closest friends. But I can share the gift he left us.

Biggest Loss. A Blogger and a Father by Oren Miller. His words will be missed.

Best Advice.Unity, not Uniformity” by Rita Ferrone at Commonweal.

Best Prayer.God Have Mercy on Us” by Matthew Paul Turner.

Best Interview.Sarah Bessey – A Faith, Art, and Motherhood Interview” by Jerusalem Greer.

Best Story.The Girl Who Gets Gifts from Birds” by Katy Sewall at BBC News Magazine.

Most Outrageous.The Danger of Being Neighborly Without a Permit” by Conor Friedersdorf at CityLab.

Best Special Needs Post.Dirty Bird” by Robert Rummel-Hudson at Support for Special Needs.

Best Compliment.What One Courageous Dad Taught Me at Dad 2.0 Summit” by Christian Toto at Daddylibrium.

Best Reflection.This is How We Survive the Winter” by Addie Zierman at How to Talk Evangelical.

Best Question.Would Headlights Work at Light Speed?” by Vsauce (via YouTube).

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Remembering Karlie

Karlie Geiser Hobson

Karlie Geiser Hobson (Photo: EHSC)

Karlie Geiser was one of Anna’s speech therapists. They worked together once a week for almost two years. She was also the Director of Speech at Eugene Hearing & Speech Center and a big part of the lives of so many kids struggling with speech along with their families, as well as her own family, of course, and her co-workers at EHSC.

We hadn’t seen Karlie in over a year, and it came as a huge shock when we found out that she died last Saturday in a car accident near Mapleton. How can you make any sense of losing someone so young and so unexpectedly? There are no words that can express the shock, the pain, and the gaping hole torn through so many hearts.

But what I can do is share a story.

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