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Lisa-Jo Baker’s Five Minute Friday Community is taking the month off, but here on the last Friday of 2013 are my five most popular Five Minute Friday posts of the year.

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Five Minute Friday

Writing Another Santa List

Anna reads her list to Santa

Photo: Santa’s Helper

Another year, another Santa list.

Anna wrote her own for the first time last year. It was a challenge, given her difficulties with handwriting, but it was a fairly short list and she did okay.

This year, she had a longer list. We didn’t mind. She went though a very tough year—losing our bunnies and moving to a new school—and she has handled it all well.  She wrote her list out all by herself and every word was legible. We figure Santa will be as proud of her as we are, and will gladly bring her everything she wants.

  • A barbie jet or a barbie cruise ship.
  • A jewelry-making kit.
  • Daisy or Trixie (both Fur Real Friends® pets).
  • An Anna and Elsa doll (from the movie Frozen).
  • A pogo stick.
  • A remote-controlled car.
  • Toy Story DVDs
  • A Hot Wheels track set.
  • A Little Mermaid or Frozen play set.
  • Lincoln Logs.

“That’s a sackful!” I said as we waited in line.

“I gave Santa choices.” she replied. “Maybe half a sack.”

“No, I think that sack’s gonna be full.”

It took almost two hours, and she was so patient. When it was finally her turn, she stepped right up, sat next to Santa, and read her list.

Her speech has come so far in the last few years, and her handwriting has improved so much in just the last few months. Watching her, we were both so proud.

Yeah, that sack’s gonna be full.

Read about Anna’s first Christmas list (from 2008) here.

Writing a Santa List

Anna opens gifts on Christmas morning

Photo: Julia Ozab (Christmas, 2011)

Anna is working on her Santa list again this year. This is the third year she’s put one together with Julia’s help. In the past, she cut out pictures of the toys, games, books, and videos she’s wanted and glue-sticked them on a sheet of paper, but this year—for the first time—she’s writing the list herself.

Anna is struggling with handwriting, due to possible Dysgraphia related to her Childhood Apraxia of Speech, so writing a short, legible letter to Santa is a big deal for her.

Toy catalog in hand, she told Julia what she wanted to say, Julia wrote it out and then Anna copied it. Once they were done, they brought the letter in to show me. It wasn’t perfect, but I could read every word. I gave her a high five and a hug for her good work, and then we rehearsed her visit to Santa:

“Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas!” I said in my best Santa voice. “What’s your name?”

“I’m Anna.”

“Do you know what you want for Christmas this year?”

“Yes. I wote you a ledder.”

“Would you read it to me?”


Dear Santa, I have been very good this year. I would like the following:

(I love how she gets right to the point)

  1. Baby Merida and Angus
  2. Unicorns or horses
  3. Tag Solar System, Human Body, and Maps
  4. Art Supplies
  5. Brave DVD
  6. Tinkerbell 4 DVD
  7. Games

Thank you.
Love,  Anna.

We’re planning to see the jolly old elf this weekend and she’s ready. As for us, the progress she’s made in her handwriting over the last two months is our Christmas gift.

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December 6

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