Bloggerhood Etc. 6/16/14


Photo: Robert Rummel-Hudson

Hope all the dads out there had a great Father’s Day! Now on to the best of the week.

Best Special Needs Post.Flygirl” by Robert Rummel-Hudson at Support for Special Needs.

Most Disturbing.4.5 Degrees” by xkcd.

Best List.9 Brilliant Contemporary Composers Who Prove Classical Music Isn’t Dead” by Lisa Bernier at Policy Mic.

Best Question.Writing: How Do You Do It?” by Chuck Wendig at Terrible Minds.

Most Provocative.If Gay Christians Go To Hell, So Are The Ones Who Don’t Recycle” by Benjamin L. Corey at Formerly Fundie.

Best Parenting Post. 10 Bad Habits Parents Need to Break Like Yesterday” by Dynamom at Scary Mommy.

Most Profound.The Way of the Gun” by Nish Weiseth at A Deeper Story.

Best Advice.Why Reading to Your Daughter is the Most Masculine Thing in the World” by Tom Burns at Reading Rainbow Blog.

Most Ridiculous Controversy.Breast-feeding mom’s college graduation photo stirs controversy” by Lisa Flam at Today Parents.

Best Commentary.Eric Cantor’s Loss: A Pro-Life Democrat’s Take” by Steve Schneck at The Whole Life Democrat.

Best Father’s Day Post.If I Could Do It Over” by Jim Higley at the Chicago Tribune.

Best Trinity Sunday Post.Wheeee! Some Thoughts on the Trinity” by Fran Rossi Szpylczyn at There Will Be Bread.

Most Present to the Moment.Noticing” by Cara Strickland at Little Did She Know.

Best Sendoff.Don Cherry techno compilation of the 2014 NHL playoffs” via YouTube.

See more of Don’s musical stylings here.

Bloggerhood Etc. 5/12/14

Mom and baby

Photo: Pax Christi, USA

A belated “Happy Mother’s Day” to all the moms out there. Hope it was a good one. Here’s the best of the week.

Most Timely.The Original Mother’s Day Proclamation” by Julia Ward Howe (1870), posted at Pax Christi USA.

Best Essay.Three Little Words: Too Many Men” by Michael Farber at Sports Illustrated.

Best Use of Bad Language.Urban Slang Dictionary for Noxious Weeds” by Evelyn Shoop at Momsicle.

Best Parenting Post.The Struggles of Christian Parenting” by Stephen Mattson at Sojourners.

Best Special Needs Post.On Early Intervention” by Robert Rummel-Hudson at Support for Special Needs.

Best Blog Interview. “‘I Just Have To Write What’s on My Heart’: A Conversation with Teryn O’Brien” by Boze Herrington at Sketches by Boze.

Best Guest Post.(De)tale: Plates” by Rachel Marie Stone at Cara Strickland’s blog Little Did She Know.

Best Reflection.A Good For Nothing God” by Zach Hunt at The American Jesus.

Best Comic (and Best Question).WTF is Wrong with Americans?” by Silhouette Man at tickld.

Best Reading List.Pioneers in Pigtails: Remembering the First Heroines Who Made Us Mighty” by Megan Jean Sovern at Huff Post Books.

Funniest.7 Tips for Dating My Three Year Old Daughter” by John Kinnear at Ask Your Dad.

Best Video.Please Stop With the Buzzfeed Quizzes” by Glove and Boots (via YouTube).

“It says I am loyal, kind, and wise.”

Bloggerhood Etc. 2/10/14

Olympic Rings

Photo: Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

Winter Olympics, winter-induced cabin fever, and more! It’s the best and the worst of the week.

Worst Olympic Coverage.Jon’s dispatches from Sochi, a place he is not at” by Jon Bois at SB Nation.

It seems like there are more and more Olympic host cities each and every year. But Sochi, the host of this year’s Winter Games, was clearly unprepared. Here is Jon’s report from Sochi. He is not there, and these photos are fake.

Best Cure for Boredom.The Sochi Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony drinking game!” by Matt Ufford at SBNation.

The Olympics Opening Ceremony has everything a bored viewer staying home on a Friday night could possibly want: pageantry, bad outfits, people walking, and announcers reading facts from Wikipedia. In other words: you’ll need a drinking game to enjoy it.

Best Primer.What you need to know about Olympic figure skating at the Sochi Games” by Roger Sherman at SB Nation.

Figure skating is America’s favorite winter sport, a beautiful art form we watch because somebody coated in glitter will have her life’s work shattered because she failed to land a triple axel. But what the hell is a triple axel?

Best Essay.A Miracle Put on Ice” by Jeff Perlman at SB Nation.

Four years after the “Miracle on Ice,” the 1984 U.S. Olympic Hockey Team never had a chance.

An impossible goal doomed them before they ever began.

Worst Case of Cabin Fever.Snow Days from Hell” by Evelyn Shoop at Momsicle.

… when the snow started falling on Thursday, I was giddy. There it was: quiet beauty with the promise of play time. Instead, I’m locked in a low-budget horror movie. Have you seen Despicable Me 2? You know how those cute yellow minions turn into feral, fuzzy creatures of death? That’s what happened around here.

Best Mental Escape from the Cold.Isla Taboga: Panama’s Best Kept Secret” by Jane R. Stevenson at Go Nomad.

The view from Cerra de la Cruz, Isla Tabaga

Photo: Jane Stevenson

Best Admission (and Worst Schedule).My So-Called Blogging Life” by Natalie Trust.

Or “how to spend a whole day not writing.” So funny, and so true.

Best Resource.The Big Book of Black Quarterbacks” by Greg Howard at Deadspin.

This project started with my dad on Thanksgiving. He was reminiscing about Doug Williams, who in 1988 became the first black quarterback to start and win a Super Bowl. All these years later, he was still proud of Williams, whose name to some may be that of a half-remembered player from the past but to millions of others remains a powerful symbol of progress. It stayed with me, and it seemed that it was worth telling the story not just of Williams, but of everyone—of all those generations of players who struggled so that Russell Wilson could be, simply, a good young quarterback.

Best List.4 Things Little Girls Need from Their Dads” by Thomas Blevins at Elevate Dads.

Maybe you are wrestling with this and don’t know where to start. Maybe being a dad isn’t natural. Maybe your dad was never in the picture. But you can make a difference right where you are. Here are some tried and true principals that every little girl needs from their dad.

Best Video.Glove and Boots Product Testing: Rotato Express” by Glove and Boots (via YouTube).