Our Oregon Coast Journey, Part Four

anna in a diver cutout

Photo: Julia Ozab

As part of her Brownie work this summer, Anna is taking the Wonders of Water journey. Because she’s currently between troops (for reasons I won’t go into here), she’s taking this journey over the summer with us, and our Oregon Coast trip was a big part of it.

After a second day of driving down the coast, we stayed put for a day so we could take our time visiting the Oregon Coast Aquarium and the Hatfield Marine Science Center. The two facilities sit side by side on the south side of Yaquina Bay, and both are great places for kids to learn about the marine species that live off the Oregon Coast.

Anna and megalodon jaws

Photo: Julia Ozab

The Oregon Coast Aquarium features many of the local species of birds, fish, and marine mammals native to the area. The first three permanent exhibits—located inside the main building—introduce visitors to the Oregon shoreline and many species that call these waters home. First up, Sandy Shores, which unveils the narrow but complex ecosystem found where land and sea meet.

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