Photo: Julia Ozab

It’s been a busy few weeks and I’m ready for a break.

Getting Anna ready for her first communion, spending the day at the hospital with Julia, taking care of everything around the house while she took a few days to recover, taking Anna to her best friend’s birthday party, and accompanying her on her field trip. Then today, we decorated Anna’s school for a big event next week. And in the midst of all this busyness, I’m trying my best to write 500 words each day. Most days, I’m successful.

But I need a break.

We have an ongoing tradition where we go to Hendricks Park to see the rhododendrons every Mother’s Day. This year we had to postpone—Julia wasn’t up to it last Sunday. So we’re going tomorrow morning.

And perhaps, like five years ago, I’ll be inspired to write about it. But even if I’m not, the break will clear my head and make my other writing come more easily.

Because we all need a break now and then.

See you Monday!

Lisa-Jo Baker took her own break from Five Minute Friday this week, inspiring some of the regulars to write on the prompt “break.” This week the link-up can be found here. Next week it returns to its usual home …

Five Minute Friday


Mt. Angel Abbey Church

Mt. Angel Abbey Church (Photo: Mt. Angel Abbey)

Parents need a little quiet from time to time. For me, a browse through a bookstore will usually suffice, but every so often I need to get completely away.

That’s when I go up to the abbey.

This will be my fourth trip since 2007. I’ve tried to go up once a year, but our lives got so chaotic, what with moving and downsizing and career changes and more downsizing. Let’s just say the last two years were a mess. But today I get to go back and I’m really looking forward to it.

A whole weekend of quiet; just prayer and writing. No internet—not even an iPhone.

And by the time I drive back late Sunday morning, I’ll be rested, refreshed, and really missing Anna.

Missing her enough to give up on quiet for a while.