Then and Now

Map of Riverfront Park

Riverfront Park Map (Image: Salem Heritage Network)

We’ve driven up to Salem to visit A.C. Gilbert’s Discovery Village and The Riverfront Carousel many times over the last five and a half years. Looking at photos of Anna from our first and our most recent visit, I can see just how much she’s grown. Here are a few examples.

Reading a book to a panda at the China Exhibit.

Anna reads to a giant stuffed panda toy at age two

January 2008

Anna reads to the same Panda at age seven

May 2013

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A Kid-Friendly New Year’s Eve

Want to make a New Year’s party kid-friendly? Then ring in the New Year at 9 PM PST (Midnight EST), like they do every year at A.C. Gilbert’s Discovery Village in Salem, OR:

ball drop

Photo: Thomas Patterson | Statesman Journal

That picture was on the front page of yesterday’s Statesman Journal, along with a story by Elida S. Perez.

Look directly below the spotlight on the far left, about halfway down. See the child in a pink coat and hood surrounded by dark clothing. That’s our Anna.