Bloggerhood Etc. 7/14/14

Newport sunset

Photo: Julia Ozab

The sun has set on our week-long Oregon Coast vacation, and it’s time to get back to work. Step one: catching up on everything I missed online. Here are some of the best …

Best Bucket List.Gonna live like I’m dying–a list of what I’d do/not do if I my time was almost up” by Elizabeth Esther.

Best Response to a Media-Driven Controversy.The Redskins Controversy; Let the Natives Speak” by Charles Martel at Turf Show Times.

Best Writing Advice.Paper Can Handle the Truth” by Natalie Trust at The Gift of Writing.

Best Special Needs Post.When the Waves are too Strong” by Shannon Dingle at Not Alone.

Best Satire.How to Breastfeed Appropriately” by Bunmi Laditan at Huff Post Parents.

Best Protest.Dallas Open Carry Guitar Protest Hits the Right Note” by the editors at The Dallas Morning News.

Best Question.Will American Christians Fail the Good Samaritan Test?” by Ed Cyzewski.

Best Comic.If Super Mario World Had Been Released on an App Store” by Commitstrip. 

Best Dad Post.My Son Wears Dresses and That’s OK With Me” by Seth Menachem at xojane.

Best Reality Check.This is What Happened When I Drove My Mercedes to Pick Up Food Stamps” by Darlena Cunha at The Washington Post.

Best Commentary.Christians Worship a Child Who Fled Violence in His Home Country” by Gay Clark Jennings at Religion News Service.

Best Book Trailer.How to Start a Family … One Owl at a Time,” a trailer for Melissa Hart’s new memoir Wild Within (via You Tube).

Best Movie Trailer.Wild – Official Trailer (2014)” the film adaptation of Cheryl Strayed’s best-selling memoir (via YouTube).

“What if all those things I did were the things that got me here?”

Bloggerhood Etc. 6/23/14

At a berry pick

Photo: Julia Ozab

Summer is here! And the blog is slowing down just a bit as we prepare for my dad to to fly up from San Diego tomorrow and visit us for the week. But there’s still a lot going on elsewhere on the blogosphere, and here’s some of best.

Best List.50 Awesome Summer Activities for Bored Kids (No Parents Required)” by Linda Sharps at The Stir.

Best Guest Post. “De(tales): A Grief Observed” by Jody Lee Collins at Cara Strickland’s blog Little Did She Know.

Best Parenting Post.My First Week as a Stay-at-Home Dad” by B.K. Mullen at The National At-Home Dad Network.

Most Tragic.The Seven Signs You’re in a Cult” by Boze Herrington at The Atlantic.

Sweetest.I Met Him Online. It Was Love at First Pixel.” by Elizabeth Esther.

Funniest.The Agony and the Ecstasy of Raising a Toddler” by Grant Snider at Huff Post Parents.

Most Thought-Provoking.4 Reasons I’m Not Going to Heaven” by Micah J. Murray at the Redemption Pictures blog.

Best Special Needs Post.What if She Lives With Us Forever” by Ellen Stumbo at Not Alone.

Best Satire.Be Not Deceived: There’s No Such Thing as a Christian Banker” by Benjamin L. Corey at Formerly Fundie.

Best Idea.Little Libraries” by Randi Bjornstad at The Eugene Register-Guard.

Best Series (starting today!).  “The Non-Blogger’s Guide to Blogging” by Addie Zierman at How to Talk Evangelical.

Best Trailer for a Very Bad Movie.Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” at Honest Trailers (via YouTube).

“I’m sorry”—Michael Bay.

Bloggerhood Etc. 6/2/14


Galunker (Artwork by Dula Yavne)

Happy Monday! And Happy June! Summer is coming in just a few weeks and I’m bracing myself for three months of no school. In the meantime, here’s the best (and worst) of the week.

Worst Question.Is This a Sandwich?” by Spilly (with Foodspin Judge Albert Burneko) at SB Nation.

Best Question.Always Asking Why” by Cara Strickland at Carly Gelsinger’s blog.

Best Special Needs Post.Risking Love” by Kelly Langston at Not Alone.

Best Guest Post.(De)Tales: Door” by Aaron Householder at Little Did She Know.

Best Picture Book Concept.Galunker (excerpt)” by Douglas Anthony Cooper and Dula Yavne at Huff Post Books.

Most Thought Provoking.Realizing the Comforts of My Color” by Beth Morey.

Most Chilling.1984 and ATI” by Susanna Wesley at Recovering Grace.

Best Dad Post.How The LEGO Movie Stimulated My Intellect While Gut Punching Me Emotionally” by Lorne Jaffe at the National At-Home Dad Network.

Best Defense of a Viral Hashtag. Because These Are Sacred Scars” by Natalie Trust at Micah J. Murray’s Redemption Pictures blog.

Best Open Letter.From the Lectionary: An Open Letter to Jesus on this Whole Ascension Business” by Rachel Held Evans.

Best (and Possibly Longest) Title.Melodramatic, attention-needy personality seeks public platform from which to spew her narcissistic exaggerations” by Elizabeth Esther.

Best Video.Please Stop Giving Everything Away, Hollywood!” by Glove and Boots (via YouTube).

“I want my Bad Grandpa money back!”

Bloggerhood Etc. 5/26/14

Color Guard

Photo: Julia Ozab

On Memorial Day here in the United States, pray for those men and women who gave their lives for their country, for those in the armed forces today and for peace everywhere. —Fr. James Martin, SJ

Now on to the best of the week …

Most Moving.Lace Seastrunk’s Inspiration” by David M. Hale at

Most Thought-Provoking.The Cleft-Lip Smile I Never Knew I’d Miss” by Shawnee Barton at The New York Times.

Best Bad Photoblog.21 Disgusting Vintage Recipes The Might Make You Puke in Your Mouth a Bit” by Beej Rudd at Dose.

Best Flashback.What the NBA Looked Like on the Web in 1996” by David Roth at SB Nation.

Best Commentary.American Poison” by Robert Rummel-Hudson at Fighting Monsters with Rubber Swords.

Best Question.Wearing a Crucifix” by Richard Beck at Experimental Theology.

Best List.101 Ideas for Keeping Your Child with Special Needs Busy All Summer” by Sandra Peoples at Not Alone.

Best Metaphor.Klingon Christians and Their Gospel Coalitions” by Morgan Guyton at Mercy Not Sacrifice.

Best Guest Post.An Unexpected Gift from Autism and Parenting” by Natalia Erehnah at Your Beautiful Child.

Best Advice.You Can’t Find God” by Tamára Lunardo at Tamára Out Loud.

Smoothest.Young Fan Gives Decoy Ball to Young Lady” by MLB.TV (via YouTube).

“That is the play of the game!”

Bloggerhood Etc. 5/5/2014

The Hagia Sophia

Image: Dylan Lathrop/SB Nation

Happy Cinco de Mayo! What does a beautiful artistic rendition of the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul have to do with a popular Mexican holiday? Absolutely nothing! Here’s the best of the week.

Best Essay.The Istanbul Derby” by Spencer Hall at SB Nation.

Best Satire.What I Wish Women Knew About Men” by Micah J. Murray at the Redemption Pictures blog.

Best Parody.If Coaches Coached Their Teams the Way We Do Church” by Tyler Franke at Venn Magazine.

Most Honest.Open Letter to the Child I Hit at the Park” by Bunmi Latidan at Honest Toddler.

Best Advice.The Golden Hour” by Johanna Harness.

Best Commentary.Donald Sterling: Facade, Fiction, and Forgiveness” by Lisa Sharon Harper at Huff Post Religion.

Best Question.God Has a Body” by Emily Maynard at A Deeper Story.

Best Special Needs Post.How to Make Others Understand” by Jared Buckley at Not Alone.

Best Guest Post.(De)tales: the Bra Thief” by Natalie Trust, posting at Cara Strickland’s blog Little Did She Know.

Best Dad Post.The Tears of Saint Joseph” by Bill Peebles at ihopeiwinatoaster.

Funniest.Recipes for Gourmet Ingredients, Written by 20-Year-Olds” by Jon Bois at SB Nation.

Best Facebook Status.You Won’t Believe What My 14 Year Old Posted on Facebook” by Carl Wilke at Big Cheese Dad.

Best Photoblog.The Force is Strong With These 35 ‘Star Wars’ Fan Families” by Mandy Velez at Huff Post Parents.

Best Video.Honest Trailers: The Spider-Man Trilogy” by Screen Junkies (via YouTube).

Bloggerhood Etc. 8/19/13

Netflix search results

Image: Jennifer Fulwiler

This week’s best of the blogosphere, in no particular order.

Best Open Letter. “Netflix giveth, Netflix taketh away” by Jennifer Fulwiler at Conversion Diary. A desperate mother, a screaming two year old, and a futile search for an animated sheep.

Best Advice. “‘Persecuted’ British Christians need to ‘grow up’, says former Archbishop Rowan Williams” by Hannah Furness in The Telegraph. Mild discomfort does not equal martyrdom. Now quit whining!

Best Satire. “Group Of Friends Engage In Passionate, Incoherent Discussion About Current Events” in The Onion. This conversation is happening somewhere right now.

Best Question. “If McDonald’s Can’t See How To Live on Minimum Wage, Who Can?” by Molly Fleming-Pierre in the USCCB Blog. Conservative Catholics may dismiss a post written by a lay person, but the demand for a just wage is an essential aspect of Catholic Social Teaching.

Best Reminder. “You don’t hate me. You hate my brand” by Rachel Held Evans. We are more than our online personae.

Best Sports Essay. Gridiron Olympians” by Kevin Fixler at SB Nation. Why do a few Olympians succeed in the NFL while so many more fail? Fixler examines this question in his excellent profile of Bills receiver Marquise Goodwin.

Best List (Tie). “10 Reasons why Johnny Depp Should Not Retire” and “10 Reasons why Johnny Depp Should Retire” by Glove and Boots (via YouTube).

“What? He’s retiring or something?”

Call It a Poem, if You Must

Ruined Church, Cottam from Wikimedia Commons

Photo: J. Thomas (CC BY_SA 2.0)

I wrote this short text a little over four years ago, after a bad church experience. I stumbled across it while revising my manuscript, and incorporated it in a more prosodic form.

I post the original here in part to share something I’d forgotten about, and in part because I’m too hot to think of anything new to write. Call it a poem, if you must—I’d rather call in a short verse—but please don’t call me a poet (or throw fruit at me—this isn’t my usual gig):

The Opposite of Apathy

Most people think
That the opposite of faith is doubt,
The opposite of hope is despair,
And the opposite of love is hate,

But most people are wrong;

The opposite of faith is apathy,
The opposite of hope is apathy,
The opposite of love is apathy,
And the opposite of apathy

Is the Kingdom of God.