Cowboys and Indians

AP Photo/G. Newman Lowrance

AP Photo/G. Newman Lowrance

All this talk about the Redskins name—which inevitably comes up when the team starts winning—got me thinking. I’ve already posed my hypothetical situation here. It involves compensation from the league and I don’t see that happening. But even if it did, I don’t want the name to change. I’d like to tell you why, but to do so, I need to start with a story.

About ten years ago or so, when Julia and I were dating, the subject of card games came up. Unlike me, she grew up playing card games with her extended family. We talked about a lot of games—some of which I knew and some I didn’t—and for some reason, we went off on a tangent to joke card games.

“Like Cowboys and Indians,” Julia said.

“What’s that?” I asked.

“Well you get out a deck of cards, and you ask the person if they want to be the cowboy or the indian. When they say ‘cowboy,’ you shoot the cards all over the room and say ’round ’em up, pardner!'”

So another version of 52 Pickup. But I had one question.

“What if they pick ‘indian’?”

Julia shook her head. “No one ever picked ‘indian’.”

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