Bloggerhood Etc. 6/8/15

Oh no, baby GODZILLA!

Photo: Jeff Wysaski.

Best Photoblog.Prankster Replaces Pet Names With New Labels In Local Pet Store” by Jeff Wysaski at Sad and Useless (via Obvious Plant Care).

Best Diagram.The Shape of Story” by Christina Wodtke at Elegant Hack.

Best Comic.Beer” at xkcd.

Best List.5 Steps Toward Making Friends Out of Enemies” by Benjamin J. Corey at Formerly Fundie.

Most Mind Bending. “The Moon Terminator Illusion” by VSauce (via YouTube).

Best Dad Post.Duck, Duck, Sloane” by Gary Mathews at Skipah’s Realm.

Best Special Needs PostHer Fight, Our Fight” by Laura Smith at SLP Mommy of Apraxia.

Best Request.Dear Donald Miller: Thank You, and Please Stop” by Emily A. Dause at Slivers of Hope.

 Most Tragic.Two Lanes to Accockeek” by Michael Graff at SB Nation.

Best Cover of a Cover.Mad World” by Peter Hollens via YouTube.

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Bloggerhood Etc. 8/25/14

Football vs. Handegg

“Johnny Handegg” (via Google Image search)

A tale of two quarterbacks and a whole lot more in this week’s walk around the blogosphere …

Best Open Letter.Crash Course for Johnny Football” by Matt Tullis at SB Nation.

Best Dad Post.The Wrong Way to Support Your Wife’s Breastfeeding” by John Kinnear at Huff Post Parents.

Best Mom Post.Why Our Kids Date (and Don’t Court)” by Mary DeMuth.

Best Answer to a Bad Question.If You’re Asking ‘What’s In It for Me?’ Then You’re In the Wrong Business…” by Amanda Palmer at Digital Music News.

Best Special Needs Post.Unwanted Monsters” by Robert Rummel-Hudson at Support for Special Needs.

Best Back-to-School Rant.It’s Back-to-School for First Lieutenant Room Moms of the New Motherhood Order” by Elizabeth Esther.

Best Imagery.We All Face the Sun Together” by Tamara Lunardo at A Deeper Story.

Most Inspiring.How These Teen Transplant Recipients Thanked the Hospital That Saved Their Lives” by Cate Matthews at Huff Post Teen.

Best Sports List.Football Leagues Ranked” by Rex Crum.

Best Non-Sports List.Every State in the USA, Ranked by its Beer” by Ben Robinson, Andy Kryza, and Matt Lynch at ThrillList.

Best Epiphany.The Yellow Dream” by Cara Strickland at Little Did She Know.

Greatest Epic.The Tim Tebow CFL Chronicles” by Jon Bois at SB Nation.

Most Honest Video.The Expendables” by Honest Trailers (via YouTube).

“All I really wanted to see was these guys trade one-liners … never mind.”

Bloggerhood Etc. 3/10/14

Lenten Facebook cover art (via Google Image Search)

Lenten Facebook cover art (via Google Image Search)

The beginning of Lent, the first year of a beloved Pope, a week of great writing, and a song you can’t get out of your head—here’s the best of the week.

Best List.40 Ideas for Lent 2014” by Rachel Held Evans.

Best Advice.Getting Dirty on Ash Wednesday” by Gregory Houck at the Order of Carmelites Blog.

Best Retrospective.How to Really Measure the ‘Pope Francis Effect’” by Daniel Burke at

Best Commentary.Undressing Misogyny” by Natalie Trust.

Best Invention.Local Musician Invents Music Technology” by Stacey Kafka at KEZI 9 News.

Best Guest Post.Staying Silent No More: I Am a Christian Ally” by Evelyn Shoop at Believe Out Loud.

Best Brew.Pilot Batch Release: Stay at Home Dad by Stephen Weber” at The Bruery.

Best Parenting Post.Minimalist Parenting: Another Trend I Don’t Have the Time For” by Elissa Strauss at Raising Kvell.

Best (and Worst) Earworm.Why You Can’t Get That Song From ‘Frozen’ Out Of Your Head” by Laura Shocker at Huff Post Healthy Living.

Best Parody (of Said Earworm).A Frozen Father (‘Let it Go’ Dad Parody)” by Scott S. Kramer via YouTube and HuffPost Parents.