Conflicting Whispers

There are two different whispers that I’ve heard throughout my life. I wrote about one of them in an essay describing my path to the Catholic Church.

God speaks to us all the time, but he usually speaks in subtle ways. Beautiful whispers that draw us little by little toward him. God spoke to me many times in the most unlikely places, although I didn’t recognize his voice until much later.

There’s another whisper that contends with God. An ugly whisper that feeds our doubts and despair at one moment, and puffs up our pride and self-image the next. A whisper that is confusing because the whisperer means to confuse.

Jesus called this whisperer “the father of lies” and all his whispers are lies. Sometimes he tells us what we want to hear and sometimes he tells us what we dread but everything he says is a lie.

“You are worthless.”

“You are better than everyone else.”

“You will never amount to anything.”

“You can have whatever you want, just take it.”

“Everybody hates you.”

“Everybody likes you.”

“You will die alone and penniless.”

“You will be rich and famous and live a long life.”

It doesn’t matter that his whispers contradict each other. He wants to confuse you, and get you to the point where you don’t know if you’re coming our going. Above all, he has to keep whispering to drown out the other whisper.

Don’t listen to him. Listen instead to the One who tells you what you need to hear.

“I love you.”

“I died for you.”

“I rose so that you may have life eternal in my presence.”