575 Boxes!

500 +

Anna’s final total for the 2015 Girl Scout Cookie Season. She’ll get the pictured patch for selling over 500 boxes, and a whole bunch of prizes and cookie credits.

  • 1+ Box: Participation Certificate.
  • 30+ Boxes: Cookie Theme Patch.
  • 65+ Boxes: Summer Fun Bandana.
  • 100+ Boxes: Cheetah Wrist Pocket and Sunglasses + $10 Cookie Credit.
  • 160+ Boxes: Cheetah Charm Bracelet + $15 Cookie Credit.
  • 225+ Boxes: Savannah Cheetah Plush + $20 Cookie Credit.
  • 300+ Boxes: Wrist Wallet and Samoa Charm Dangler + $25 Cookie Credit.
  • 400+ Boxes: Samoa Pillow and Samoa Spirit Hat + $30 Cookie Credit.
  • 550+ Boxes: Zip ‘n’ Go Blanket Cushion and Wild Side Duffle Bag + $50 Cookie Credit.

Cookie Credits can be redeemed at the Girl Scout Store and/or used to pay for activities like summer camps.

Way to go, Anna!

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