What Can I Give You?

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Image: The Art of Manliness

I’m going through another one of my “what should I blog about?” phases. These come from time to time. I look back at what I’ve written, consider it to be self-indulgent, wonder what I could have done differently, and stop writing until I think of something better. Then after a few months of regular posting, I pause and go through it all over again.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

A few things are making this latest rut harder to get out of. I’m going through a major shift in my writing. I’m also reading different books—mostly fiction—due to that shift. Anna’s getting older and more independent, making me less and less of an At-Home-Dad than I was when I started this blog. And I’m reading more and more about “the death of blogging” and wondering if I should keep plugging away at this site. What am I gaining from it?

Or maybe that’s the wrong question. Maybe my question should be “what are you gaining from it?”

I can write for myself in a notebook or a .doc file. I can be self-indulgent on Facebook like everyone else is. But if I’m going to keep this blog going, I need to provide something for those who read it.

“A stay-at-home dad’s view on parenting and life.” That’s how I describe this blog, and that’s what I’ve tried to make it. The description is intentionally broad on purpose, but now I feel the need to narrow it just a bit based on what you would like to see.

So here’s my question—”what can I give you?”


P.S. You can call this post a “Six-minute Saturday” if you’d like. 

3 thoughts on “What Can I Give You?

  1. David, You are sure at a crossroads! I’m in the empty nest phase of life, so I’m sorry I can’t contribute. But, this is what I do know. You have a voice that others need to hear and this is the perfect place to do that. I was reminded in my study bible recently, that if the gospel writer Luke, had said, “I don’t think I’ll contribute. After all, who needs another book on the life of Jesus?”, we never would have had the parable of the Good Samaritan or the Parable of the Prodigal Son. Pretty crazy! So keep writing and telling us about being a stay at home dad. Regardless of who else it matters to, it matters to Anna that you keep telling your stories. Blessings to you as you sort it all out.


  2. I, like Debbie, am an empty-nester, but I enjoy your posting and your thoughts. I was active in Girl Scouts for over 30 years (as a Scout, a Senior Scout, a Camp Counselor, a Day-Camp Director, a Leader, and a Professional). Sadly both my children were boys, but I loved the girls in my troops, and I love hearing about the current state of Girl Scouts from someone who is involved. Keep up the posts about that if you do nothing else. Thanks for writing.


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