She’s My Because


Photo: Julia Ozab

Why did I give up my planned career and become a stay-at-home dad?

Because …

Newborn Anna

Photo: Julia Ozab

Why did I help raise money to buy over two-hundred cleft bears for cleft kids in Oregon?

Because …

Anna and cleft bear boxes

Photo: Julia Ozab


Why did I walk a 5K for Apraxia Kids three years in a row?

Because …

Anna at the 2011 Walk for Children with Apraxia of Speech, Salem, OR

Photo: Kathleen Harris

Why did I join the PTO at my daughter’s elementary school and volunteer in her classroom?

Because …

Anna in line

Photo: Julia Ozab

Why did I become a Girl Scout Parent Volunteer?

Because …

Shaking a jar

Photo: Julia Ozab

Why did take I five years to write and edit a book about my daughter’s cleft lip surgery and apraxia of speech diagnosis?

Because …

Three-year-old Anna at Hendricks Park, May 2009

Photo: Julia Ozab

Why am I writing a chapter book series that’s quickly turning into the best and most enjoyable thing I’ve ever written?

Because …

Anna strikes a pose on the beach last summer.

Photo: Julia Ozab

She is my “because,” and no matter what happens, she always will be.


4 thoughts on “She’s My Because

  1. David, this is so beautiful! Your images convey more than words could say. What better reasons could you have than taking care of your gorgeous daughter? I’m so pleased you were my neighbour for FMF. God bless you both. 🙂


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