A Journey Complete

WOW Award Badges

Last Wednesday, Anna completed her first Girl Scout Brownie Journey—Wonders of Water (WOW). I’ve tracked her progress on the blog this summer. Here’s a quick review …

Love Water. Date Earned 7/28/14

Loving Water.

Anna completed the first part of her journey by following water of the Willamette River from one of its sources in the Cascade Mountains to the Pacific Ocean, collecting samples at four specific points along the way, and tracing the journey of a single water drop from a raincloud over Waldo Lake to a beach on the North Coast.

Then she created a water map following her hypothetical drop of water.

Starting at Waldo Lake, Anna traced a line in blue highlighter following the North Fork of the Willamette to where it meets the Middle Fork outside Oakridge, then following the Willamette through from Eugene to Portland where it empties into the Columbia, and then down the Columbia River, into the Columbia Estuary, and the Pacific Ocean.

She learned about water. Now it was time to care for it.

Save Water. Date Earned 9/2/14


Saving Water.

Anna started with the case of water bottles we brought with us to the coast. She then collected a bag from her grandmother and two more bags from Julia’s employer. Last weekend, we took them all to our local BottleDrop and turned them in.

Water bottles can be redeemed for deposit in Oregon, which made her Save Water project a money-maker too.

We walked out the door with over $14 dollars in cash. Combined with a small contribution Anna made from her coast trip money we have a total of $16.60.

Where did the money go?

Share Water. Date Earned 9/7/14

Sharing Water.

It will help provide clean water to one of the most drought-stricken regions on earth, thanks to charity: water.

Anna will be giving all the money she raises to Maddie’s Thirst, helping her to raise at least $5,000 for clean water in the Sahel region. We promised to match what she raised, and because we’re donating to a campaign, our total family contribution will be matched by the aforementioned generous donor.

She ended up with a $25 contribution to charity: waterAnd we’ll be making our own $25 contribution this weekend.

The WOW Award.

WOW! Date Earned 9/17/14

The last step, which she completed last Wednesday, she wrote about how she loved, saved, and shared water, she tied her journey to a line in the Girl Scout Law, and signed a pledge to continue protecting  the planet’s most precious resource.

I plan to save and protect water as best as I can by …

  • Getting to know all the wonders of water around me.
  • Reducing the amount of water I use when I shower, bathe, and brush my teeth.
  • Doing my best not to drink bottled water (and redeeming the bottles when I do).
  • Collecting rainwater to water plants (once it starts raining this fall).
  • Asking my family to reduce their water use.
  • Speaking out about the precious resources of water.
  • And inspiring others to make a difference.


Are you inspired to make a difference? Make a matching donation of $25 (or whatever you want to give) to Maddie’s Thirst. All contributions to charity: water September Campaigns will be matched by a generous donor up to the first $1,000,000 raised.

And you can still take Anna’s Save Water Pledge. It costs no money, just a commitment to recycle.

Note: beyond sending you a thank-you email, I will not share your email with anyone or bother you ever again.

2 thoughts on “A Journey Complete

    • Add another $50 from Julia’s employer…

      Hello Julia,

      Congratulations! Your application was approved. You can view the status of this donation on your “Donation History” page.

      Program: Match Request for Offline Donations
      Charity Name: CHARITY WATER
      Amount: $50.00
      Date Requested: 9/22/2014


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