Saving Water

A seagull at Nye Beach

A seagull at Nye Beach (© 2014 by Anna Ozab)

As part of her Brownie work this summer, Anna is taking the Wonders of Water journey. She earned her Love Water Badge last month and now she’s working on her Save Water badge. To earn it, she read about how all animals (including people) depend on water, and how scarce and valuable a resource it is. Then she had to come up with a Save Water project that would help at least some of the creatures who depend on water.

Her inspiration was a simple question in her WOW Book. “How Do You Carry Water?” (Wonders of Water, p 52)

When you camp or hike, do you carry bottled water or do you use a canteen? Canteens and other containers that you can use again and again are better for the planet than plastic bottles of water. Why? Because plastic bottles are thrown away after one use and they often don’t get recycled. Some end up floating in the ocean, where they harm sea life!

That last sentence stuck with her.

Anna scoops up a plastic bottle

Photo: Julia Ozab

She’d scooped plastic bottles at the Sea and Me Exhibit at the Oregon Coast Aquarium last month, and she’d learned just how dangerous plastic bottles can me to marine animals. She wanted to do something to make a difference and protect those sea creatures.

So she started collecting deposit bottles and cans. Luckily for us we live in a state where water bottles can be redeemed for deposit, and we have a brand new BottleDrop Center just down the street.

Anna started with the case of water bottles we brought with us to the coast. She then collected a bag from her grandmother and two more bags from Julia’s employer. Last weekend, we took them all to our local BottleDrop and turned them in.

Redeeming a bottle

Photo: Julia Ozab

We walked out the door with over $14 dollars in cash. Combined with a small contribution Anna made from her coast trip money we have a total of $16.60.

Where is that money going? I’ll tell you next week when I discuss the third part of Anna’s WOW journey—her Share Water project.

In the meantime, you can help. We’re already asking our friends in town to chip in bottles, but no matter where you are you can help Anna “Save Water” too. Just take a pledge to recycle plastic water bottles. If you live in California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Iowa, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, New York, Oregon, or Vermont, you can redeem water bottles for deposit. If not, you can still recycle them. Every bottle recycled is one less bottle that might wind up in the ocean.

Anna’s “Save Water” Pledge:

Note: beyond sending you a thank-you email, I will not share your email with anyone or bother you ever again.

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