It is Finished

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Every Friday is a commemoration of the Crucifixion. That is why Catholics traditionally abstained from meat, why prayers and readings on Fridays are usually penitential, and why many go to confession or confess their sins privately to God on Fridays. It is the one day each week when we remember how much Jesus sacrificed for us on the cross.

“It is finished.”

Nothing is finished without something else beginning. Just as the dawn of each morning follows the dusk of each evening, just as Sunday follows Friday, the Resurrection follows the Crucifixion.

In our fallen world, death inevitably follows life. In God’s plan for us, new life just as inevitably follows death, so as long as we accept that new life.

Each ending is a new beginning. The old is finished so that the new may begin.

May we all become a new creation in him. May our old life be finished, and may our new life in Christ begin. New. Each Sunday. Each and every day as we become more and more like Jesus, a true child of God.


My five minutes are up, but I wanted to write a bit more about another “beginning.” Fourteen years ago today, Julia and I went on our first date. Neither of us knew it that day, but that date would be the beginning of our journey together through life. And a lot was finished for me that day too, including my loneliness,  my faithlessness, and my long wandering through a spiritual wasteland. I’ve said many times that God brought Julia into my life to bring me back to him. It’s true. And as an extra reward he also brought an amazing woman into my life who would become my wife, and then gave us both an extraordinary daughter who would teach us how much love we were both capable of giving. I am grateful for that new beginning, for that first date, and for every other date and every other day since. 

Five Minute Friday

6 thoughts on “It is Finished

  1. Nice to see another catholic in Five Minute Friday! I’ve always liked the Matt Maher song The End and the Beginning. One ending or finishing is another beginning.

    I always love to hear love stories and how from the first date people are never sure but in the end it tends to work out 🙂


    • On some level, we knew pretty early that we had a deep connection, but we didn’t rush because we both wanted to get married only once and have be for life. We did and it is. Thanks for stopping by. Keep in touch!


  2. “Each ending is a new beginning. The old is finished so that the new may begin.” So true and in so many ways! This is one of my favorite blog link-ups – partly because I can ‘meet’ a lot of new people (like you…), and partly because, with the prompt, there’s usually commonality in the posts. That said… We wrote the same message today – in different ways, but that’s what’s so fun about reading what others have to say… how they say it. Also, I have a daughter with Down Syndrome and we have similar stories – not the details, but big-picture similar. I haven’t quite finished the book, as you have, but it IS in process.
    Happy Anniversary!


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