Her First Girl Scout Badge!

At the End of the Trail Interpretive Center

Photo: Julia Ozab

Anna has earned her first Girl Scout badge! As I typed that sentence I realized that I will never type it again. Yes, she will likely earn many more badges for as long as she’s a Girl Scout. But she will only have one first and this is it.

Oregon Trail Badge

The Oregon Trail Brownie Badge.

We visited the End of the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center on our way up Portland on July 5th, the first day of our family vacation. Anna took a lot of photos and learned about some of the hardships of the trail first hand.

People who traveled west along the Oregon Trail had to leave their whole lives behind. If it couldn’t fit in a wagon along with the necessary supplies it had to stay behind.

Examples included a china cabinet with a full set of beautiful dishes …

china cabinet

Photo: Anna Ozab

A lovely handmade rocking chair …

Anna in a rocking chair

Photo: Julia Ozab

And, saddest of all, children’s toys.

rabbit pull toy

Photo: Anna Ozab

Anna looks in a dollhouse

Photo: Julia Ozab

Anna spent a lot of time examining the dollhouse. She was fascinated by the exquisite handmade doll furniture.

Dollhouse inside

Photo: Anna Ozab

But the kids didn’t just leave toys behind. The left their one-room schoolhouses behind too.

Anna in a schoolhouse mockup

Photo: Julia Ozab

And set out with only as much as they could carry. We got a look at a provisions list …

list of provisions

Photo: Anna Ozab

And tried our hand at loading a wagon using weighted bags to stand in for supplies.

Anna and I with a 25 lb. sack

Photo: Julia Ozab

Whew, that was hard work!

loaded wagon

Photo: Julia Ozab

While we were there, she also  made another candle—this one a dipped taper—and thoroughly explored the gift shop. By the time we left, she knew a lot more about the Oregon Trail than most soon-to-be third graders, and she even looked the part.

Anna in pioneer clothes

Photo: Julia Ozab

Great job, Anna!

For the next few posts, I’ll be sharing some of the fun we had on our recent coast trip. Check back tomorrow for more.

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