Candle Making

Oregon Trail Badge

Brownie Badge

Step Three of Anna’s Oregon Trail Brownie badge is now complete. She’s already made an Oregon Trail food (butter)  and an Oregon Trail toy (marbles). Last weekend, she tried out an Oregon Trail craft—candle making.

Wax, jar, and wick.

“Let’s get it done!”

We bought the supplies at a local craft store—beeswax, a candle wick, and a small jar. We didn’t have a clothespin, so we used a magnetic clip off our refrigerator.

The first step was to melt the wax. Julia bought a small saucepan at our local St. Vincent de Paul so we wouldn’t get wax in our cookware.

Wax melting.

Melting …

Melting wax.

… melting …

Melted wax.

… melted wax.

The whole house smelled like honey. We then helped her carefully pour the liquid wax into the jar and place the wick into the wax.

Jar and wick.

With the wick added.

Then we left the candle to cool. When it was done, Julia took one more photo.

Anna and her candle.

“Ta da!”

We’re now three-fourths of the way to her first Brownie badge. The last step will come on July 5th, when we visit the End of the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center.

And the candle will make a nice centerpiece for dinner with my dad. He flies in today from San Diego and Anna is excited to see her grandpa.


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