Marble Madness!

Oregon Trail Badge

Oregon Trail Brownie Badge

Anna is still working on her Oregon Trail badge. Two weekends ago, she made Oregon Trail food, and last week she tried out her second Oregon Trail activity—making clay marbles and playing with them.

She already made a set of marbles with her troop, but she wanted to try and make fancier multi-colored ones. So Julia bought a big container of air-dry clay and a packet of food coloring. We broke off a few pieces, added coloring, and soon had pink, green, blue, and yellow clay.

First, she rolled out the clay into long skinny “snakes.”

rolling clay

Rolling the clay.

Then she twirled a pair of “snakes” together.

Twisting clay.

Twisting green and pink clay.

She rolled the “twists” together, and then broke them off into small pieces. The she rolled each piece into a ball.

Rolling clay in her palm.

Rolling a marble.

When she was done she had two sets of marbles with one shooter for each.

Two marble sets

Spread out to dry.

We let them air-dry overnight and played a game the next afternoon.

Playing marbles

Ready to take her shot.

Clay marbles don’t shoot like glass ones, so my well-honed marble-playing skills were mostly useless. We ended up rolling them and she won.

But they looked nice and played about as well as the marbles kids made on the trail. It was a fun activity for all of us and Anna is now halfway to her Oregon Trail Brownie badge!


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