From Scratch

Oregon Trail Badge

Oregon Trail Brownie Badge

One of the suggested activities for the Oregon Trail Brownie Badge is making Oregon Trail food. Anna enjoyed making butter at her last Brownie meeting so much that she wanted to do it again last Sunday afternoon. We both helped with the shaking and Julia took photos.

Shaking jar

Shaking the jar.

It took about fifteen minutes. The liquid got thicker and thicker and the jar got harder and harder to shake. Then suddenly there was liquid again and a solid lump in the middle.

Butter jar

We have butter!

The next step was to pour the buttermilk out of the jar, and spoon out the butter. We put them in two separate containers.


It’s butter and buttermilk!

Then we put both the butter and buttermilk in the refrigerator. Next, we made strawberry preserves. This wasn’t part of the badge work—it just sounded good.

Anna stirring the pot

Stirring the preserves.

We all took turns stirring. Once the preserves cooled we put them in the fridge too. Now it was biscuit time. The recipe called for butter and buttermilk and thanks to our earlier butter-making adventure we had both.

Got to stir the dough by hand.

Got to stir the dough by hand.

She separated the dough into seven drop biscuits and into the oven they went. No open fires here—authenticity isn’t worth burning the house down.


A little misshapen, but ready to bake.

About twenty minutes later, we had delicious buttermilk biscuits with butter and strawberry preserves. All homemade and all from scratch.

We enjoyed them so much that we forgot to take a picture.

Too late! They’re all gone.

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