Bloggerhood Etc. 5/12/14

Mom and baby

Photo: Pax Christi, USA

A belated “Happy Mother’s Day” to all the moms out there. Hope it was a good one. Here’s the best of the week.

Most Timely.The Original Mother’s Day Proclamation” by Julia Ward Howe (1870), posted at Pax Christi USA.

Best Essay.Three Little Words: Too Many Men” by Michael Farber at Sports Illustrated.

Best Use of Bad Language.Urban Slang Dictionary for Noxious Weeds” by Evelyn Shoop at Momsicle.

Best Parenting Post.The Struggles of Christian Parenting” by Stephen Mattson at Sojourners.

Best Special Needs Post.On Early Intervention” by Robert Rummel-Hudson at Support for Special Needs.

Best Blog Interview. “‘I Just Have To Write What’s on My Heart’: A Conversation with Teryn O’Brien” by Boze Herrington at Sketches by Boze.

Best Guest Post.(De)tale: Plates” by Rachel Marie Stone at Cara Strickland’s blog Little Did She Know.

Best Reflection.A Good For Nothing God” by Zach Hunt at The American Jesus.

Best Comic (and Best Question).WTF is Wrong with Americans?” by Silhouette Man at tickld.

Best Reading List.Pioneers in Pigtails: Remembering the First Heroines Who Made Us Mighty” by Megan Jean Sovern at Huff Post Books.

Funniest.7 Tips for Dating My Three Year Old Daughter” by John Kinnear at Ask Your Dad.

Best Video.Please Stop With the Buzzfeed Quizzes” by Glove and Boots (via YouTube).

“It says I am loyal, kind, and wise.”

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