When England Became Britain

Flag of the Kingdom of Great Britain (1707 - 1800)

Hmm, something’s missing.

Britain—birthplace of my mom and home to a large part of my family—came into existence as a country 307 years ago today with the Acts of Union, which joined the Kingdoms of England and Scotland together into one united kingdom. In honor of the anniversary, here’s a video explaining the difference between the United Kingdom, Great Britain, and England.

This video was the first in a series titled Grey Explains, by the informative and entertaining YouTube scholar C.G.P. Grey. In a subsequent video, he explained the unfortunate circumstances that led to the Act of Union.

The whole Grey Explains series is worth a watch, as are his “misconceptions” videos. You can find them all on his YouTube channel.

And as for what’s missing, the current full name of the United Kingdom should give you a clue, but if you’re stumped watch this.

And now you know which way is up.

Most Thursdays on Fatherhood Etc. we’ll learn something new in a series called “Thursday’s Child.” See you next week.


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