Anna with her new camera

Photo: Julia Ozab

Anna has a new camera and she loves it. This is her third one. The first was an inexpensive digital point-and-shoot we bought her two years ago. She brought that camera with her to the 2012 Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival and took some very nice pictures. For a six-year-old she already showed a lot of talent, and we wanted to encourage her.

Her first camera was pretty limited, so that summer we bought her a used Olympus digital camera off eBay. Still a fairly simple point and shoot, but it had a nice zoom and was a better quality camera. (It also didn’t shut off every five minutes to conserve the battery.)

She brought this camera with her everywhere and took lots of great photos. She even entered three in the Lane County Fair last summer and won a couple of prize ribbons. She was so excited!

The one problem with her second camera was that it burned through batteries. We weren’t sure if this was a problem with the model, or if the particular camera we bought used was defective or just showing its age, but we needed to replace it before we paid the price of another camera in batteries alone. So we did.

A brand new Olympus with a 10X zoom and lots of great settings. Still small enough to fit in her hands, and at a price that fit in our budget. Check out some of her photos from the Oregon Zoo


Mikhail the Tiger



Chimp sign

Chimpanzee (artwork on Zoo sign)

The High Desert Museum

Elk statue

Elk statue

Plateau Indian Religious Objects

Plateau Indian Religious Objects

And the Petersen Rock Garden



peacock feathers

Peacock feathers

rock house

Rock house

I see more prize ribbons in her future.

Top photo © 2014 by Julia M. Ozab. All other photos © 2014 by Anna Ozab.

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