The Blog is on Twitter (Again)

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I’ve been rethinking my social networking priorities over the last few days. This was prompted—as such soul-searching often is—by that ubiquitous community/virus named Facebook.

I’ve never been convinced that Facebook Pages are worth even the minimal time I put into them. I get far better results from my Twitter feed, my WordPress likes and comments, and even my personal Facebook profile, than I do from my name-branded Facebook pages. But when I log in and see a message like this, I wonder if even my minimal time is being wasted.

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It took some digging online to confirm my gut feeling, but what I see coming a further step into Facebook’s distinction between the halves and have-nots, or in their case the “pay” and “pay-nots.” It isn’t enough that Facebook is gathering valuable demographic information from us that they can then sell. I can live with that as my “fee,” given that what they know about me is a lot less than what they think.

An example: So Facebook, where was I born? San Diego? Wrong answer!

But Facebook marketing only goes so far without paying, and that “so far” isn’t very far at all. At some point, when my book or this blog is actually making money it may be worth paying for ads. But when that time comes, I’ll look at advertising based on what return I can expect. Until then, I reach far more “friends” on Facebook than I do “fans”—which was their old word for people who “like” a page.

So where am I going with this? I’m not quite ready to shut down my Facebook Pages yet. But I am redirecting my energy in different, and hopefully more productive directions. I still have to weigh my options, but I made one decision today.

This blog has its own Twitter feed and I am announcing it here—and there.

I’ve debated this step for awhile. It means rebuilding a new list of followers after I’ve already topped 1400 on my existing feed. It also means juggling feeds, since I can’t log into both at once. And I need to change some links on this page too. I hope this doesn’t add too much time or inconvenience to my schedule. We’ll see what happens.

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