Bloggerhood Etc. 3/24/14

Giant Burt Reynolds!

Photo: Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Spring is in the air and March Madness in on TV. It’s Monday. Time for the best of the week from around the blogosphere.

Best Parenting Post.Why all those years of lost sleep spent parenting are worth it” by Lisa-Jo Baker at Surprised by Motherhood.

Best T.S. Elliot Reference in a Headline.A Turbulent Priest Awaits the Conquest of Crimea” by Simon Shuster at

Best Social Media Post.When You Don’t Make the List” by Addie Zierman at How to Talk Evangelical.

Weirdest Concept.2014 NCAA MASCOT DEATHBRACKET” by the Staff at SB Nation.

Best Special Needs Post.Happy World Down Syndrome Day (Thoughts on Growing Up With a Sister With Down Syndrome)” by Melissa Otterbein at Like Birds on Trees.

Happiest Post (and Cutest Video).Pharrell – Happy (Puppy & Doggy Version)” by The Pet Collective (via YouTube).

Most Nostalgic.Let’s Talk About the Music From Mystery Science Theater 3000” by  Chaz Kangas at LA Weekly Blogs.

 Best Comic.If You Find a Baby Songbird Out of the Nest” by Rosemary Mosco at bird and moon.

Best Question.Can Your Daughter Accept a Compliment?” by Michelle Cove at Huff Post Parents.

Best List.5 Reasons Why Your Partner Doesn’t Actually Want to Go to the Farmers Market with You” by Anjali Prasertong at The Kitchn.

Best Solve.Wheel of Fortune: Amazing Bonus Round Solve!” on Wheel of Fortune (via YouTube).

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