Every Icon Tells a Story

St. Joseph Icon

An icon of the life of St. Joseph. Reading from left to right and top to bottom …

  • Betrothal of Mary and Joseph (Matthew 1:18b).
  • An angel visits Joseph in a dream (Matthew 1:20-21).
  • Mary and Joseph travel to Bethlehem (Luke 2:4-5).
  • The birth of Jesus (Luke 2:6-8).
  • The visit of the Magi (Matthew 2:11).
  • The Presentation at the Temple (Luke 2:22-35).
  • The flight into Egypt (Matthew 2:14-15).
  • The finding in the Temple (Luke 2:46-50).
  • Jesus grows “in wisdom and stature” (Luke 2:52).
  • Joseph dies a happy death (Holy Tradition*).
  • Joseph is welcomed into Abraham’s bosom (Holy Tradition*).

*Implied in scripture by Joseph’s absence during Jesus’ ministry and his faith in God.

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