Her Responsibility Test

Wacky Indoor Bounce—Interior

Photo: Wacky Indoor Bounce

The last ten days have been rough on Anna.

It all began a week ago Monday. We took a day trip up to Corvallis to visit Wacky Indoor Bounce. About half-way through our visit there, Anna took a bad angle on one of the inflatable slides and landed awkwardly on her right foot. It seemed badly bruised, but the pain subsided after a few minutes and she kept playing.

Maybe that wasn’t such a good idea.

The next morning, her foot was badly swollen. Worried that it might be a small fracture, we kept her out of school and took her to Urgent Care. It turned out to be a bad sprain. The doctor prescribed ice for two days and elevation until the swelling went down.

Anna hated the ice, hated elevating her foot, hated missing two days of school, and hated missing over a week of P.E. and recess.

It couldn’t be helped. She couldn’t fit any shoe comfortably on her foot for the first two days. By Thursday, she could wear her rain boots, and by this Monday, her Crocs. And as much as she hated missing P.E., she was responsible and told the P.E. teacher she couldn’t participate.

Well today the swelling is reduced enough for her to wear sneakers, and she’s back to regular P.E. on one condition. She must excuse herself if the pain in her foot increases beyond a 1 or 2 on a scale of 1 – 10.

We’re trusting her to be mature enough to make this call herself, and not risk injuring her foot more. She knows the consequences if she pushes it. More missed P.E., and perhaps more missed school.

She’s shown responsibility so far, and we’re hoping she’ll continue to do so.

It’s all we can do. It’s up to her to make the right decision, or deal with the consequences. This is her responsibility test. Let’s see how she does.


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