She Likes to Write

Anna writes in her notebook.

Photo: David Ozab

My daughter likes to write. Obviously, this makes me happy. I’m a writer, and whether or not she follows my path, I want her to share in my love of words and language. The important part is that she likes to write.

Writing is a challenge for her. Not because she lacks words. She loves to read and has a big vocabulary for a child her age. It’s a challenge because she struggles to write clearly. And for a while, the struggle discouraged her.

Not anymore.

She doesn’t just write for herself now. She writes for us too. A few weeks ago, when her favorite football team—the Seattle Seahawks, were playing Julia’s favorite team—the New Orleans Saints—in the NFC playoffs, Anna walked up to Julia’s desk and dropped off a note.

Dear Mom,

Go Seahawks!

From ?

A short note, but a big deal for Anna.

“Who wrote this?” Julia asked.

“I don’t know.” Anna replied.

“Well who else calls me ‘Mom’?”

A few minutes later, Anna returned with a second note.

Dear Anna’s Mom,

Seahawks will win!

From ?

Since then, she’s been writing a lot more. Little notes for us. Schedules for her day. Even a song for her make-believe dog Betty.

Howloooo howooool oooooo howlooo!

Little things, but she’s using her imagination. As as her handwriting and typing both improve, she’s sure to discover the limitless possibilities of her own words.

I can’t wait.

Five Minute Friday

One thought on “She Likes to Write

  1. Beautiful! May your daughter never lose the passion to read or write! I hope to enjoy the transformation of my children someday into writers because writing is a beautiful opportunity of discovery and expression!


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