The Year According to Facebook

Facebook's "2013" Photo Collage

Only one of these photos is from 2013

Facebook has a new “Year In Review” feature. It chooses your top twenty moments in Facebook, which are of course the top twenty events of the year. How does it choose? Therein lies the mystery, and they’re not about to tell.

1. Status Update, January 8.

Anna just got out her Pez dispenser and asked me if I wanted some. I told her “No, but thank you for asking,” and she said “Are you sure? I’m going to eat it all. Last chance.”

A cute moment I already featured among the Stuff Anna Says. Perhaps it qualifies.

Blue birthday balloon

2. Status Update, January 14.

Another great Anna moment. She just ran in the bedroom and announced “Today is the Monday of my Birthday week and I’M SO EXCITED!” Made me smile.

Her birthday is always a big deal, so I’ll give this one a “yes.”


3. Status Update. February 9.

My book proposal is up to twenty two pages (about 5800 words) with ten pages devoted solely to marketing. Haven’t added the sample chapters yet or a chapter-by-chapter summary (only some agents want that part). Whew. Wiped out and done for the day. Will read it with fresh eyes tomorrow and find all the mistakes.

Preparing my book proposal was a big project that dominated the start of the year. But I’m not sure if an in-progress update tops an “I’m done” and sending it out message.

4. Status Update. February 11.

We are very proud of Anna today! (More so than usual, and that’s saying something.) She just completed her second Read-A-Thon. Last year, Anna finished first in her Kindergarten class, reading 810 minutes in 18 days. This year, she read 700 minutes at school, and 910 minutes here at home for a total of 1610 MINUTES!!! What a great reader!

Anna winning the Read-A-Thon was a highlight. Facebook nailed this one.

5. Photo. February 14.

Captain Valentine

Since words don’t do him justice, here’s a picture of Captain Valentine (from KMTR NewsSource 16).

Funny picture. That’s about it.

6. Changed Profile Picture. March 17.

Anna and I at the Strawberry Patch in 2011

I love the photo, but it’s two years old.

7. Status Update. April 6.

The best kind of tired is the kind that comes after you’ve accomplished something. Excellent conference—great speakers and lots of new connections! And an agent asked to see my proposal and the full manuscript! Wow!!!

Nothing came of it, but a successful pitch is always a big event.

8. Shared Photo. April 8.

At Faith and Culture Writers Conference.

Photo: Looyenga Photography (2013)

Facebook likes photos.

9. Status Update. May 23.

Sent out ten more agent queries this week. So far, one pass, one “I’m on vacation” autoreply (will resend that one next week), and one request to see the manuscript! My first positive request from a query! (as opposed to an in-person pitch) WOO HOO!!!

A positive response to a query? Definite highlight!

10. Status Update. July 1.

Anna was working on art this morning. She stopped to ask me how to spell “look.” I told her and she went back to work. About ten minutes later she walks into the kitchen and hands me a picture she’s drawn. “It’s a clue,” she says. “Read what it says.” So I read it. “Look on the bookcase.” I walk over to the short bookcase in the living room. There’s a small white note that reads “Flip me over.” I flip it over and the other side says “I love you.” Made my morning.

Hang on … got something in my eye.

11. Shared photo. July 1.

RG# at pool party with fiance and guy who should pull up his pants.

Just saw this photo of RGIII on a Redskins blog. You know he’s thinking “Dude, pull up your pants!”

Again Facebook likes photos, and this one is certainly funny, but are you kidding me?

12. Status Update. July 10.

Got an email (via my blog) this morning from a mom of a boy who was born with a cleft and has been recently diagnosed with apraxia. First child—besides Anna, of course—I’ve heard of with both. Reminds me why I wrote the book and why I need to keep pushing to get it published.

Very big moment, and a good reminder to stick with it.

13. Photo. July 19.

Our guinea pigs.

Say hello to Buddy and Knight. They came home today with us from Greenhill Humane Society and they’ve made themselves at home already.

New pets qualify. Glad they’re a part of our family.

14. Status Update. July 24.

We are EXTREMELY PROUD of Anna! She entered three photos in the youth photography contest at the Lane County Fair (her first year entering). She got third place in one category and second place in another. WOO HOO!!! Julia will post the photos on her wall shortly and I will share them here.

Obvious “yes.”

15. Status Update. August 27.

Was supposed to do laundry today, but plans changed. Earlier Anna said she thought she heard me drop the laundry downstairs (I toss the bags over the balcony instead of carrying them down). I said “No, if you heard anything fall off the balcony it would have been me and that’s wouldn’t be good.” Anna said “It would be fun.” I said “No it wouldn’t,” and Anna replied “It would be fun before you hit the ground.”

A funny moment, and more Stuff Anna Says, so maybe.

16. Photo. September 7.

Anna with her OSU foam finger

Anna is in Corvallis for the OSU game. She just visited the Beaver Store and she’s all decked out. Yes, I’m still a Duck, but look how happy she is. Love it!

I wasn’t there, but it might have been Anna’s biggest highlight of the year.

17. Changed Profile Picture. September 9.

The sun in my eyes.

At least it’s a current photo.

18. Changed Profile Photo. November 17.

In my RGIII jersey.

Facebook isn’t even trying anymore.

19. Status Update. November 20.

Sometimes I feel like my life is just missing two things. Theme music for when I do something really awesome, and a laugh track for the not-so-awesome stuff.

Great line, but not really a highlight.

20. Status Update. December 24.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight! (Anna just hurried off to bed so she’ll be asleep long before Santa arrives.)

She had a great Christmas. That was a highlight of the year.

So overall, Facebook was about 50/50 picking my “2o biggest moments.” Not bad for a bot. Here’s hoping for more big moments (and less profile photos) in 2014. Happy New Year!


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