Bloggerhood Etc. 12/23/13

Red berries and snow crystals

Photo: Julia Ozab

Happy Festivus to all! I just got the pole out of the crawl space, and now, in place of the traditional “Airing of Grievances,” I present the best of the week from the Blogosphere (including one of my own)…

Best Christmas Post.Cobbled-Together Christmas” by Addie Zierman at How to Talk Evangelical.

Best Christmas Celebration.Christmas Comes to Life in Peanuts Flashmob” by Christine Erickson at Mashable.

Best Christmas Spirit.What We’re Doing in Steubenville” by Marc Barnes at Bad Catholic.

Best Gift List.10 Gift Ideas for Writers” by Amanda Luedeke at MacGregor Literary.

Best Wish List.What Little Girls Wish Daddies Knew” by Tara Hedman.

Best Guest Post.Santa’s Excellent Return Policy” by David Ozab, guest-posting at Momsicle.

Best Gift.The Power of Empathy” by Dr. Brené Brown and Katy Davis at BlazenFluff.

Best Song.Reno erat Rudolphus” shared by Eyolf Østrem via YouTube (provenance uncertain).

Merry Christmas!


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