Bloggerhood Etc. 12/9/13

Girl lights an Advent Wreath

Whittman photo (via Our Sunday Visitor)

A little Advent, a little Christmas, and the rest of the Best of the Week …

Best Advent Resource List.Prepare the Way of the Lord” at Our Sunday Visitor.

Most Mindful Christmas Gift List.7 Gift Ideas for the One Who is Struggling” by Addie Zierman.

Best Santa Profile.The Real St. Nicholas” by Joe Towalski at Catholic Spirit.

Best Comic.I Don’t Own a TV” at xkcd.

Best Top Ten.Top Ten Pope Moments” by Noah Rayman at

Best Statement of the Obvious.Rush Limbaugh Knows Nothing About Christianity” by Andrew Sullivan at The Dish.

Funniest.Breaking Madden: A land where ‘offsides’ has no meaning” by Jon Bois at SB Nation.

Saddest (But Truest). “Mike Shanahan’s Brilliant Last Act as Redskins Coach; Making Everyone Forget He Sucked” by KC Clyburn at HTTR 24-7.

Best Tribute.A Southern Cross Love Song: Remembering Nelson “Madiba” Mandela” by Lisa-Jo Baker at A Deeper Story.

Biggest Surprise.  The weather in Eugene over the weekend. (Story via KEZI 9 News.)

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

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