NFL 2013: Midseason Predictions

MetLife Stadium Exterior

Met Life Stadium, site of SuperBowl XLVIII (Photo: Gabriel Argudo Jr. (CC BY-SA 2.0))

It’s midseason–give or take–and here are my updated projections, served with a side of crow to be enjoyed later, as always.

(Key: #1 SEED, Division Champion, Wildcard.)

AFC Standings

New England 12-4
NY Jets 10-6
Buffalo 5-11
Miami 4-12

What the hell is happening in New York (Part One)? Rex Ryan looks to save his job for another year and some team out there loses a great defensive coordinator. Meanwhile, the circus moves to Miami and another “Dream Team” bites the dust

Cincinnati 11-5
Cleveland 8-8
Baltimore 7-9
Pittsburgh 4-12

The factory of sadness temporarily moves to Pittsburgh, and life in Cleveland is just a little bit less hopeless.

Indianapolis 12-4
Tennessee 8-8
Houston 6-10
Jacksonville 1-15

Andrew Luck and the Colts are for real. Matt Shaub and the Texas are not. (And get well soon, Coach Kubiak.)

Kansas City 12-4
San Diego 9-7
Oakland 4-12

I knew KC would get better. I did not expect them to get 9-0 better. But they still have to play Denver twice and we’re talking Peyton Manning vs. Alex Smith here. Reality check time.

NFC Standings

Dallas 9-7
Washington 8-8
Philadelphia 7-9
NY Giants 4-12

What the hell is happening in New York (Part Two)? Would it be perfect to see John Mara watch his tenants play in the Super Bowl in his stadium? Ah sweet irony. Won’t happen, but it would be sweet to see.


Detroit 11-5
Chicago 9-7
Green Bay 8-8
Minnesota 3-13

How about Detroit? And Pack is only as good as Aaron Rodgers, who isn’t going to do them any good out for 4-6 weeks.

New Orleans 12-4
Carolina 10-6
Atlanta 5-11
Tampa Bay 2-14

The second burning of Atlanta follows.

San Francisco 12-4*
Arizona 7-9
St. Louis 5-11

The top two teams are tops in the conference, as most predicted.

And now that my fever dream of a Redskins’ Super Bowl appearance has faded, I take a more objective look at what I expect to happen in the playoffs.

AFC Playoffs

NY Jets @ Indianapolis
The dream of a home-team Super Bowl dies in the AFC wildcard round. Again, who would have guessed?

Kansas City @ Cincinnati
Dalton vs. Smith? Wake me when it’s over.

Indianapolis @ New England
Out of the comfortable AFC East, the Patriots come crashing back to earth.

Kansas City @ Denver
Peyton blew it at home against Baltimore last year. Not happening again.

Indianapolis @ Denver
Peyton’s revenge. Meanwhile, Luck vows to return next year and go all the way. Take him at his word.

NFC Playoffs

Carolina @ Detroit
Two evenly matched teams, both on the rise. Give the edge to the “Home-dome Advantage.”

Dallas @ San Francisco
Tony Romo chokes at a critical moment late in the game. “As it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be …”

Detroit @ Seattle
Home-dome Advantage, part two.

San Francisco @ New Orleans
Home-dome Advantage takes a game off.

San Francisco @ Seattle
Home-dome Advantage returns

Super Bowl XLVIII

The Seattle Seahawks vs. the Denver Broncos

And it’s still in New Jersey!
Seriously, WTF?

And your 2013-14 World Champions?

Bye bye dome, and so long Seattle. Peyton gets ring number two and retires a happy man. See you in Canton in five.

5 thoughts on “NFL 2013: Midseason Predictions

  1. Robert Martin says:

    Well, at least you have Washington finishing 8 and 8…. But it REALLY sucks that (although, you’re probably right) Dallas is at the top of the division…

    But yeah… Broncos, man…. all the way.


    • I have to be optimistic. 8-8 would salvage the season. Plus, I picked them to go 8-8 last year and they exceeded my expectations. Maybe they can mount another run? As for the cowpies—HATE picking them to win the division but right now they’re the best (or least bad) of the bunch.

      The Broncos we’re my preseason AFC pick and I see no reason to change that.


  2. I think this has been a wacky season. I have had trouble predicting my own – team – Philadelphia Eagles – let along the whole league.
    On that note, I like your Super Bowl though disagree with a number of your other picks.


    • Oh, it’s been nuts this year. And as much as it pains me to say it, Chip Kelly’s doing pretty well sorting out the mess that Andy Reid left behind in Philly. I live in Eugene (and I’m a Duck) so I know how good Chip is and was dreading him coming to coach an NFC East rival. Still think over the next few years it will be the Eagles and Redskins contending for the top what with the Giants rebuilding and the cowpies heading straight to cap hell (so sweet!). Thanks for posting. Here’s to a good game next Sunday!


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