Bloggerhood Etc. 10/21/13

Big Cabin Travel Plaza's Native American sentry in Big Cabin, OK

Photo: Randy Curioso

Best of the week, starting with two posts on an overblown, media-manufactured controversy that won’t go away …

Best Question.While We’re Objecting to ‘Redskins,’ Shouldn’t Oklahoma Change Its Name, Too?” by Sam Howell at RYOT.

It’s one thing for the Choctaw to have the term okla humma (red people), but isn’t it a bit crass for us to use that as a name for a state with, you know, red people we put there?

What kind of racist does that?

The red kind, actually.  It was the idea of Allen Wright, a Choctaw chief, during treaty negotiations.

As an ofay of suspect ethnic pedigree, who am I question a Choctaw chief?

Or me? Or anyone else for that matter?

Best Answer.Why the Washington Redskins Name Should Stay ‘As Is’” by Deon Rhode at No Socks and Flip Flops.

Most Natives don’t care. Like 80-90% don’t care, according to whichever set of data you look at. In fact, my own polling of people when I find out that they’re of Native decent gave me a 100% ‘IDGAF’ response. (It should be noted, however, that the number of people polled in my survey is no larger than 5.) Not only do many Natives not care about the name, a large percentage of them view the name as a badge of honor – probably a larger percentage than those who are offended.

And if they’re not offended, who am I to say they should be?

Followed by two great parenting posts …

Best Dad Post.An Everyday Dad Job Description” by Thomas Blevins at Elevate Dads.

Mr. Dude walks up and says, “Hi.”
I shake his hand and say, “Hello”
Mr. Dude smiles and says, “So what do you do?

He goes on to list all the jobs done by an “everyday dad,” from “Superhero” to “Tooth Fairy” and a whole lot more!

Best Mom Post.16 and driving – My twins and I Navigating the Doubly Exhilarating World of Independence” by Cornelia Becker Seigneur.

My twins are 16. Oh my. Wow, and double wow.

They grow up too damn fast!

Two amazing kids …

Most Amazing Kid (West Coast).RB girl, 10, wins $50,000 peace prize” by Pam Kragen in The San Diego Union-Tribune.

RANCHO BERNARDO — When Kathleen and Bob Carscadden of Rancho Bernardo traveled to China five years ago to adopt their daughter, Jessica, they carried along a photo of the special-needs orphan clinging tightly to a borrowed teddy bear.

Last week, 10-year-old Jessica was awarded a $50,000 Peace First prize for her homegrown public service project that offers other lonely children a teddy bear when they’re most in need.

Quite an achievement!

Most Amazing Kid (Back East).Out-of-Towners: One young visitor reaped huge reward from a giant duck” by Sarah Armbrust in The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

People seemed surprised that we had traveled all the way from Texas to see the rubber duck. In some ways, I was also surprised, but under the persistent urging of my 9-year-old daughter, we came.

A brave girl with an immune deficiency who traveled all the way to Pittsburgh because she loves rubber ducks. One child, fighting for her life and driven by hope.

And three more, just for fun …

Best Photoblog.Photos: When L.A.’s Most Famous Streets Were Dirt Roads” by Nathan Masters at

Sunset Boulevard at Gower in 1907

Photo: Los Angeles Public Library Collection

Most Mesmerizing Animated Graphic.Map: Six Decades of the Most Popular Names for Girls, State-by-State” by Reuben Fisher-Baum at Jezebel.

2012 Sophia

Image: Jezebel

Best Video.Tips for Surviving, Monsters!” by Glove and Boots (via YouTube).

“The comma truly is the game-changer of the punctuation world!”


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