Bloggerhood Etc. 10/14/13

Not_Afraid_LargeHere are my favorite posts of the week, starting with …

Favorite New Book Release.  “Not Afraid, Stories of Confronting Fear.” Edited by Alise Wright (Civitas Press). A new anthology, and I’m in it!

Shameless plug over. Now on to everything else …

Best Sane Voice in an Insane Conversation.Defending Dan Snyder” by Eric Bickel at CBS DC.

(I)ntent matters.  I strongly believe that there is zero intent to offend Native Americans among Redskins fans or football fans in general.

Furthermore, I would never suggest that I could tell other people what they interpret as offensive is valid or not.  If you say you are offended, I believe you.

However, there are also many who are not offended. They are the many who have no ill will toward Native Americans and take pride in the name “Redskins.”  They aren’t trying to demean anyone.  They aren’t trying to rub salt in the wounds of Native Americans.  On the contrary, it’s a term of admiration.  These fans simply love their team and wish to cheer them on using the name they’ve always enjoyed.

An attempt to balance an unbalanced conversation. Like Rick Reilly was, I expect Bickel to be shouted down as well. These days, those who yell loudest seem to get their way.

Best Photogallery. Creative Dad Takes Crazy Photos of Daughters.” Jason Lee’s work featured at Bored Panda.

Two girls reading.

Photo: Jason Lee (detail)

Most Vulnerable.When Counseling Looks Right but Feels Wrong” by Natalie Trust. She shares her story here and also a warning to others as vulnerable as she was.

In my naivety, I had assumed that if someone said they were a counselor they had an MA or and PhD to prove it, but such was not the case at the counseling center run by the popular husband and wife team. Yet, they had enough training to appear, at first, as if they were highly qualified to work with sex addicts, sex abuse victims, and a myriad of other issues including shame, codependency, and anxiety. In addition, the directors of the center had a marriage success story of their own, and out of their personal pain and healing came a passion for helping others.

But good advice and good intentions aren’t always enough.

Most Nauseating.Spilly Makes Pumpkin Beer” by Spilly at SB Nation. Starting with a pumpkin and …

Canadian bison steak

Photo: Spilly

Oh dear God, no!

Best Special Needs Essay.When Words Will Not Come: A Journey of Verbal Dyspraxia” by Leah Boonthanom at Elephant Journal.

At the beach the other day I heard my three-year-old daughter Indica wail for another movie, when what she actually wanted was a banana smoothie.

Another time at the playground I heard my five-year-old son Serentai ask me to go on the slide, when actually he was eagerly suggesting, “You count, I’ll hide.”His happy face deflated when instead of closing my eyes, I dragged him to the top of the slippery dip for a stacks-on downward ride.

Misunderstandings like these are commonplace in our family, but not because there’s anything wrong with me or my husband Steve’s hearing.

Our kids have verbal dyspraxia (commonly referred to as childhood apraxia of speech (CAS) in the United States)

I know that story so well.

Best History Lesson in Comic Form.Christopher Columbus was awful (but this other guy was not)” by The Oatmeal.

When asked to describe Columbus …

Image: The Oatmeal

Wrong. And wrong again. Columbus’ real story is appalling. But read on to learn about another, better story.

Best Encore.Breaking Madden: The return of BEEFTANK, the Jaguars’ 5-foot, 400-pound quarterback” by Jon Bois at SB Nation.

I. WE BRING BACK CLARENCE BEEFTANK AT QUARTERBACK. Clarence BEEFTANK—all caps on that last name, please—is not only a Breaking Madden legend, he’s the man who started it all … (And) this time around, I’ve given him a boost. His Deep Throw Accuracy and Throw Power ratings are now maxed to 99/99. His medium/short accuracy is still zero, because that is not BEEFTANK football.


III. WE COMPLETELY RUIN THE BRONCOS’ OFFENSE. This time around, I haven’t changed the ratings of any player on the Broncos’ roster. Instead, I’m making them play different positions, which I think is probably even more cruel.

Final score? Jaguars 42, Broncos 0, in the best Breaking Madden yet.

Best Video.In My Blood” by Army of Me (via YouTube).

Watch to the end and you’ll see that even the local cops are fans.

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