Speaking of Apraxia – Now on Kindle!

Speaking of Apraxia - Cover

Download it here.

Publisher’s Description:

At last, a parents’ guide to understanding, treating, and living with childhood apraxia of speech (CAS). Written in an empathic style by a parent who “has been there,” SPEAKING OF APRAXIA offers hope and practical advice for parents of toddlers to teens with this neurologically-based motor speech disorder.

Characterized by difficulties with planning and producing the complex set of movements necessary for intelligible speech, CAS can be a child’s only diagnosis or can be accompanied by other special needs such as learning disabilities, Down syndrome, or autism. Parents and professionals will appreciate the author’s clear explanations of everything from diagnosing CAS and working with speech-language pathologists (SLPs), to understanding how to distinguish it from other speech disorders, and getting appropriate early intervention and special education support.

Drawing on the latest research, professionals’ insights, her own and other parents’ experiences, the author covers these important topics:

I: The Straight Scoop on Speech Basics–CAS definition; An Overview of Speech & Language; Where to Get Help and What to Ask; Your First Appointment with an SLP

II: Now What?!–Getting, Coping with and Understanding the Diagnosis; Health & Genetics; All about Speech Therapy

III: Helping Your Child–Complementary and Alternative Medical and Treatment Approaches (Diet, Music, Movement Therapy and More)

IV: Off to School–Getting Ready; Special Education Ins & Outs; Phonological Awareness; Reading Issues

V: Coping & Hoping–Dealing with Emotions and Family Life; What the Future May Hold; Networking, Support Groups, and Advocacy

Appendices: Information on insurance, summer camps and enrichment programs, speech-language milestones, and a glossary of terms

SPEAKING OF APRAXIA is a comprehensive and authoritative resource any family, SLP, occupational therapist, or pediatric practice will be glad to own or recommend.

This book is an extraordinary resource. As I wrote in my review last January …

Speaking of Apraxia is a thorough step-by-step guide and a fabulous resource for parents of children with apraxia. It combines information culled from hundreds of books and websites in one clearly organized and easy-to-navigate volume. It is the one book every parent dealing with this difficult and challenging motor speech disorder should own.

I wish it had been around when Anna was diagnosed five years ago, but it’s here now. In print and as of today on Kindle as well.

If you are a parent of an “Apraxia Kid” you will want this book, either on your shelf on on your Kindle.

P.S. The Oregon Walk for Children with Apraxia of Speech is only two days away! I’ve written a lot about apraxia on this blog and I invite you to read more, including …

And many others in my Apraxia of Speech Blog Archive.

And I invite you to help support Team Anna. We will be accepting contributions through and even after our walk this Saturday. Thank you!

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