Bloggerhood Etc. 10/7/13

Giants run through Eagles in Madden.

Image: Jon Bois/SB Nation

This week’s list begins with an unusual category, before continuing on to some more typical ones. Here we go!

Best Chance the Giants Have to Win a Game This Season.Breaking Madden: In which the Eagles get drunk and give up 2,400 yards in a single game” by Jon Bois at SB Nation.

I. WE GIVE THE GIANTS THE BEST OFFENSIVE LINE IN THE HISTORY OF FOOTBALL. I released all of the Giants’ starting offensive linemen and replaced them with seven-foot-tall monsters …

II. WE GIVE THE GIANTS THE BEST RUNNING BACK COMMITTEE IN THE HISTORY OF FOOTBALL. David Wilson and friends are gone. This is the Giants’ new running back depth chart: Adrian Peterson, Marshawn Lynch, Jamaal Charles, (and) LeSean McCoy …


The result? 231 points and 2,458 rushing yards in one game! Meanwhile, in real life, the not-so-giant Giants lost to the sober Eagles 36-21.

Best Parenting Post.Two Tales Involving 350 Kids, Entitlement and Lessons in Parenting and Life” by Cornelia Seigneur at The Huffington Post.

Our children will make mistakes. They are not perfect, and we need to own up to that. Heck, we are not either, right? That is OK. It does not mean we, as parents are bad people. It just means our kids are human and like all human beings, they too need to own up to their mistakes.

One of the most important responsibilities of a parent I feel is to teach our children how to say sorry. It is amazing the healing that takes place in our lives and the lives of others, as human beings, when the words “sorry” are communicated.

Best Repost.Caregiver Beatitudes” by Robert Anthony Martin at Abnormal Anabaptist.

In the summer of 2012, my wife and I began a rather interesting journey together.  And by “interesting” I mean the same sort of “interesting” that is implied in the ancient apocryphal Chinese curse “May you live in interesting times”. You see, my wife was diagnosed in July 2012 with (to use the medical techno-geeky terminology) Type II invasive ductal carcinoma.  For those of you less involved in the whole process, this is breast cancer.

A year later, she is a breast-cancer survivor.

Best Photo Essay.A Brief History of the Computer” at Time Magazine.

ENIAC, 1946

Photo: Jerry Cooke/Corbis

Best Review of an Awful Album.We Will Rock You: Miley Cyrus’ New Record Is F**king Horrible” by Jon Hunt at l’etoile.

I keep trying to think of a metaphor for this thing, and I keep coming back to this: a clown farting. That’s an utterly witless metaphor, so let me explain. Just imagine — the guy puts on his clown suit and his big red shoes in order to entertain a crowd of engaged children. And instead of producing humor, even of the horn-honking, capering variety, he just blats away loudly. Maybe he ate some beans that day, or just some bad eggs at breakfast. Farts are occasionally funny, at the lowest possible level — we’ve all laughed at them at some point in our life — but an explosion of gas caused by stomach upset isn’t funny, it’s just loud and awful and slightly painful. Just imagine the guy, standing there in his clown suit, frown on his face, unable to stop farting. That’s this album.

Best Question. About 15% of Americans live in poverty, so why is no one talking about it?” by Daniel A. Medina in The Guardian.

In a nation where, according to the US Census Bureau’s poverty statistics released last month, 46.5 million people (roughly 15%) of the nation’s population lives in poverty, the idea that the media would not cover such a pressing human interest story because of financial troubles is misguided, if not inexcusable. It represents a failure on the part of the industry in fulfilling its role in serving the public interest.

Favorite Saint Namesake.Pope Francis’ homily during Mass in Assisi [Full text]” transcribed by Catherine Harmon in Catholic World Report (translation by Vatican Radio).

Franciscan peace is not something saccharine. Hardly! That is not the real Saint Francis! Nor is it a kind of pantheistic harmony with forces of the cosmos … The peace of Saint Francis is the peace of Christ.

Benedict may still be my favorite saint, but Francis is my favorite pope. May God bless him and grant him a long ministry.

Best Video.Johnny T’s NYC Tourist Tips” by Glove and Boots (via YouTube).

“Welcome to New York City … (now) get out of the way!”

2 thoughts on “Bloggerhood Etc. 10/7/13

  1. Robert Martin says:

    Thanks for sharing the Caregiver Beatitudes. I’m actually going through and re-dating each of the articles and, if necessary, adding a little tweak or update to “smooth” the writing… they were all rather raw at that time, being that they were written “on the front lines”.

    But as I told the guys yesterday when I was watching the Giants embarass themselves, “I don’t need pink gear on the field to remind me about breast cancer… all I need to do is see my wife happy, healthy, and smiling before me… and that’s the reminder I need.”


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